Fine Arts waiting lists instructions

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Cartonera Project Launch in the Dana Porter Library

This waiting list is for FINE and VCULT courses only.

The waitlist for Spring 2024 is now closed.  The waitlist for Fall 2024 courses will open on July 17.  

Fine Arts does not take requests by telephone for course enrolment or for waiting list requests. You must complete and submit the  Fine Arts waiting list form.

Please direct any enrolment questions to Brett Roberts at  


  • Registration for FINE 130 - Introduction to Digital Imaging WILL NOT USE the Fine Arts wait list. Please continue to monitor the Schedule of Classes for available space in FINE 130.
  • Registration for FINE / VCULT 101 - Art History and Visual Culture WILL NOT USE the Fine Arts wait list. Please continue to monitor the Schedule of Classes for available space in the course.
  • Find more information regarding Course Overrides and Waitlists in other departments.

You must follow the waiting list instructions fully. Incomplete requests will not be processed. Fill out a separate waiting list request form for each specific course. A waiting list request does not guarantee enrolment. It is suggested that you enroll in a backup course.

Please do not submit duplicate requests for the same course. Doing so does not increase your chances of enrolment and slows the enrolment process for everyone. If you submit duplicate requests, only the last request will be kept and this could potentially affect your priority for enrolment.

Those on the waiting list will not be informed of their waitlist position and please do not contact us for updates on your waiting list status. you will be sent an email that contains a permission number that will allow you to add the course.  More information is available on how to add a permission number.

If a space becomes available for you in the requested course and the enrolment cannot be processed because of a course time conflict and/or a unit load restriction, you will be responsible for dropping courses that conflict.

Information regarding the number of waiting list requests received/satisfied for a particular course does not show on the Schedule of Classes.

Waiting list requests will be prioritized at the discretion of the academic advisors in the Fine Arts Undergraduate Office.

It is your responsibility to inform us if you want your name removed from any waiting list. Please email Brett Roberts to have your name removed.