Tool Crib / Store

Room with various hardware and tools on shelves and hanging on walls.

Fine Arts Tool Crib

The Tool Crib is located in East Campus Hall (ECH) 1226, right across the hall from the woodshop. 

The Tool Crib also includes a small store selling art supplies.  Purchases can be made by debit or credit card. The Fine Arts course kits are also sold in the Tool Crib. Note: kits are sold at a discount during the first week of classes.  

Rules for borrowing tools/equipment

  1. Tools must only be signed out and signed in by the current monitor on duty.
  2. A current and valid University of Waterloo Student, Staff or Faculty ID is required in order to borrow/ renew tools, etc...
  3. Your current and valid WatIAM email address and a phone number must be given to the monitor before tools can be signed out.
  4. Please sign and print your name when required.
  5. Tools can only be signed out for 1 business day at a time. Unless otherwise stated.
  6. Borrowed tools must be returned by 3 pm on the day that it is due.
  7. Borrowed tools can be renewed for additional days only if they have not been reserved by others.
  8. Tools must be returned in working order and include all parts and pieces.
  9. Damaged and/or lost tools or missing parts may be subject to replacement or repair and fees will be paid by the borrower.
  10. A refundable $10.00 cash deposit must be provided when borrowing certain items. Ask for details if you require more information.

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in the revoking of your borrowing privileges.

Fine Arts store

Purchases from the Tool Crib are by debit or credit only.

Items that are commonly sold in the Fine Arts Department Tool Crib include (but are not limited to):

Stretcher Bars and Cross Bars 12”, 18”, 24”, 30”, 36” and 40”
Masonite Panels 1/8” thick  9”X12”, 12”X12”, 16”X16”, 24”X24” and 24”X36”
Drawing Boards  24”X36” 1/4 Masonite
Paper and other paper goods  Various Types – Popular types carried include Stone Henge, Maid Stone, Terraskin, Mylar, Art Print Vellum, and others
Plexiglass, Copper and 3/8” Birch Plywood  Sold by the square inch
Plywood and other sheet goods (fir, good 1 side, birch, pine veneer, construction grade, MDF) Typically carried in 2' X 4' pieces
Wood (select white pine) 1X2X8, 2X4X8, quarter-round 8ft lengths
Canvas (on the roll) 10oz, 60” wide - Sold by the linear inch
Digital Printing (on the Epson 9890)  Based on surface area printed and the paper stock; average cost is $6.50 per sq foot
Clay Sold by the box or half box. Sheba Raku from PSH
Easel Pegs, Safety Glasses, Combination Locks, etc...  Miscellaneous accessories available

*Prices are set to be in line with prices at other local art supply stores. Prices are subject to change with no prior notice.

Please note that we also have a limited selection of paints (oil & acrylic) and brushes, conte, charcoal, and 35mm B&W film. These items may or may not be available every term. In rare instances, the store will stock specialty items, but these will change sporadically without notice.