Society of Fine Arts

What is SoFA?

If you are a Fine Arts Major, or enrolled in any Fine Arts course, you are the proud member of the most powerful society located this side of the railway tracks. SoFA is a student organization. It helps students organize and promote activities within Fine Arts, as well as across campus.

Who runs SoFA?

SoFA is run by an elected council of students determined through an annual vote. If you have any ideas or suggestions, or just want to know what's going on, we would be happy to fill you in. SOFA also holds regular meetings throughout the term, where everyone is welcome.

The latest SOFA activities can be found on the SoFA website or the Facebook page.

To contact SoFA email:

Also – are you interest in exhibiting your artwork?

Brush with Art is a program operated by the Fine Arts Department that hangs student art in public yet secure venues on the University of Waterloo campus. 

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