Artwork by Qian Sun titled The Suspended

Qian Sun's artwork The Suspended, 2013, acrylic, Chinese ink and resin on wood panel, 26.5'' x 69''

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Fine Arts courses overview

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Information about Visual Culture courses offered in Fine Arts can be found under both FINE and VCULT.  For Visual Culture courses offered outside of the Fine Arts department, please see the Undergraduate Calendar (Honours Fine Arts – Visual Culture, Three-year General – Visual Culture, Visual Culture in a Global Context Minor).

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(Please note that students enrolled in studio should expect material costs to range between $60 and $200 per course.)

Topic offerings for Winter 2020

FINE 204 The Art, Science & History of Colour

This is a colour theory course with something extra. By the end of term, you will learn to identify, explain and manipulate colours, colour relationships, palettes and styles. This integrative course about colour introduces the basics of optics, the spectrum & the properties of light; perception of colour by the eye, the brain & the camera; the stuff of colour, i.e., pigments, dyes & paints; studio practices in mixing colour & analogous  practices in commercial printing, computer graphics & digital photography; colour illusions, what they reveal about vision, & why they matter to a working painter; historical models of colour & colour spaces from different disciplines; emotional & cultural interpretations of colour; &, of course, colour theory & historical palettes of different painters, styles & periods.

FINE 307 Advanced Topics in Studio

These courses provide Fine Arts students with an opportunity to study a range of advanced topics that expand, explore, and refine personal areas of interest in studio practice. Advanced topics are announced term by term.

FINE 307 Section 001- Topic: Station Eleven: Isolation and Prospect

In this 6 week course, we will pursue a thematic, individual studio art practice exploring isolation, loneliness, fear, and importantly, hope. A reading list is provided and students are expected to read and ruminate on at least one. We will initially investigate exploratory, free form modes of visual practice, moving towards an individual project/artwork. This is not an “on-line” course, but one in which we will make use of “on-line” technology to facilitate its content and form. We may need to adapt and problem solve, but this is one of the most important components of an art practice. The reading list is meant to inspire or springboard ideas and help us contextualize the idea of an art practice in our current, unraveling culture (Covid-19, self-isolation and our developing creative practices).

Tuesday/Thursday 1:00-3:20 from May 11 - June 18

Fine 308 Honours Studio/Seminar

Tuesday/Thursday 1:00-3:20 from June 23 - August 4