Artwork by Qian Sun titled The Suspended

Qian Sun's artwork The Suspended, 2013, acrylic, Chinese ink and resin on wood panel, 26.5'' x 69''

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Fine Arts courses overview

A list of Studio courses and their descriptions can be found in the Undergraduate Calendar coded as FINE

Information about Visual Culture courses offered in Fine Arts can be found under both FINE and VCULT.  For Visual Culture courses offered outside of the Fine Arts department, please see the Undergraduate Calendar (Honours Fine Arts – Visual Culture, Three-year General – Visual Culture, Visual Culture in a Global Context Minor).

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(Please note that students enrolled in studio should expect material costs to range between $60 and $200 per course.)

Topic offerings for Fall 2020

FINE 204 The Art, Science & History of Colour

This is a colour theory course with something extra. By the end of term, you will learn to identify, explain and manipulate colours, colour relationships, palettes and styles. This integrative course about colour introduces the basics of optics, the spectrum & the properties of light; perception of colour by the eye, the brain & the camera; the stuff of colour, i.e., pigments, dyes & paints; studio practices in mixing colour & analogous  practices in commercial printing, computer graphics & digital photography; colour illusions, what they reveal about vision, & why they matter to a working painter; historical models of colour & colour spaces from different disciplines; emotional & cultural interpretations of colour; &, of course, colour theory & historical palettes of different painters, styles & periods.

FINE 307 Advanced Topics in Studio

These courses provide Fine Arts students with an opportunity to study a range of advanced topics that expand, explore, and refine personal areas of interest in studio practice. Advanced topics are announced term by term.

FINE 307 Section 001- Topic: Photography Zone.

Students will express their own individual ideas through the development of skills in photography as a means of image making (any format can be used, ie., dslr, cell phone, point and shoot, analogue cameras).  Students will produce a series of images that are connected, not only formally via photography, but through an understanding of how each image is related to each other in content.  You will be working your ideas out visually and outputting numerous images per week that will assist you in realizing the work ethic required to produce a cohesive body of work.  This process will establish a working methodology that can be carried forward into 4th year, as a discipline in and of itself, as well as informing other disciplines that use photography as source for studio production.  

FINE 307 Section 002- Topic: The Body Project.

As a means of discussing and understanding contemporary issues of the body, this six week project will give you an opportunity to find out more about the integral relationship of form and content within the production of a series of works.  Any media can be explored in your response to this brief - photography, digital imaging/painting, painting, drawing, performance, video, sculpture - whatever means you have available to you.  Investigating the body, our intersectional identities and our understanding of what it means to be human are open to question in light of technological and scientific advancements in areas relating to the modification and manipulation of the physical self.  With environmentally caused diseases, plastic surgery, amniocentesis, cryonics, genetic evaluation and engineering, and in response to eugenics and human rights, the biological is becoming more engineered and the engineered is becoming more biological.  

FINE 307 Section 003- Topic: Art and Text in Studio Practice.

This six week course is rooted in the understanding that language in itself is an artistic medium / material that is flexible and malleable and as such can be explored, experimented and played with either to speak to political issues, give voice to personal narratives, or to playfully shift meaning. We will look at narrative / non-narrative engagement with language, process-based and conceptual experimentation with text, and aspects of translation as it relates to identity. This is an open media course and as such students can work in a variety of fields – print, time-based media, painting, sculpture, installation audio, drawing, etc. Students will work on independent text-based projects and will engage with language in ways that are meaningful to their individual interests. Typography and an understanding of the fundamentals of working with type will be the foundation on which students will develop their projects.  

FINE 307 Section 004- Topic: Open Studio.

This is a six week Fine Arts studio course with an emphasis on development of the student's individual and independent research interests. Students will be guided by faculty through critiques as well as open forums.