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Artwork by Qian Sun titled The Suspended

If you have any questions about courses please contact:

Sharon Dahmer, the Administrative Coordinator for Undergraduate Studies or;

Bojana Videkanic, the Fine Arts Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies.

Fine Arts courses overview

A list of Studio courses and their descriptions can be found in the undergraduate calendar coded as FINE

Information about Visual Culture courses offered in Fine Arts can be found under both FINE and VCULT.  For Visual Culture courses offered outside of the Fine Arts department, please see the undergraduate calendar (Honours Fine Arts – Visual Culture, Three-year General – Visual Culture, Visual Culture in a Global Context Minor).

To find out which courses are currently offered and when, please search FINE or VCULT on the Schedule of Classes.

(Please note that students enrolled in studio should expect material costs to range between $60 and $200 per course.)

Topic offerings for Spring 2018

FINE 307 Advanced Topics in Studio

These courses provide Fine Arts students with an opportunity to study a range of advanced topics that expand, explore, and refine personal areas of interest in studio practice. Advanced topics are announced term by term.

Fine 307 sec 001 Collage and assemblage
Tuesday / Thursdays 1:00-3:20 pm - May 1 to June 12
Explore the expressive use of found objects and mixed media in short exercises and a personalized project in your choice of two dimensions (collage) or three (assemblage). Depending on your interests, the project might extend to forms such as kinetic sculpture, installation, or stop-motion animation. Topics include the expressive and conceptual opportunities of collage and assemblage, artists doing interesting work with found objects and mixed media since 1900, and the practical realities of glues, fasteners and “thick over thin, fat over lean.”

FINE 307 section 002 Documentary style digital photography
Tuesday / Thursdays 9:00-11:20 am - June 14 to July 24
This class will focus on comprehensive DSLR (digital single-lens reflex camera) basics through hands-on exercises that will help you to shoot better photos using Manual settings. Lecture topics will include the technical topics of lighting and editing, in addition to ethics and public photography, from the perspective of Photojournalism and Documentary Photography. We will explore a contemporary history of iconic and storytelling news images to examine the use of moment, gesture, and storytelling elements contained in these images. You will learn to plan, research, and execute a documentary project. Projects can be a portrait series, or a photo story. Students must have their own DSLR camera. 

FINE 307 section 003 DSLR Video Production
Tuesday / Thursdays 1:00-3:20 pm - June 14 to July 24
Learn the basics of video, including pre and post-production skills using your DSLR. Pre-production topics will include visual communication basics, storyboarding, basic scriptwriting and planning your shoot. Hands-on exercises will teach you different methods of shooting, lighting, interviewing, and gathering audio. Post-Production topics will include Adobe Premiere, sequencing and editing your footage, and non-linear editing. Projects can be a short narrative documentary style video or a short scripted piece. Students must have their own DSLR camera.

Fine 308 Honours Studio/Seminar

Tuesday / Thursdays 9:00-11:20 am - May 1 to June 12
For more information contact Linda Carson