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Campus art galleries

Installing an exhibition in the gallery

University of Waterloo Art Gallery (UWAG)

UWAG is located in East Campus Hall (ECH) 1239 and is run by curator Ivan Jurakic. UWAG’s tagline ADMIT EVERYONE speaks to an openness where students mix with faculty, professional artists and the community. It is a 3000 square foot space with one large gallery and a smaller space, accommodating a full range of exhibitions and programming. Both fourth year undergraduate and graduate students work with Ivan to showcase their work in annual exhibitions.

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Zenith, The 42nd Annual Senior Undergraduate Exhibition


The Artery Gallery is located in East Campus Hall 1207 and is run by SOFA (Society of Fine Arts). The Artery offers students an opportunity to develop their curatorial skills and to exhibit their artwork. ECH 1217 is used as an additional exhibition space for digital media projections.

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The department also offers a mobile exhibition space that is housed in a refurbished, vintage Airstream trailer. Graduate and undergraduate students can use the Airstream for site-specific installations in consultation with faculty.

In 2014 and 2016, the Airstream served as a staging area for This Could be The Place, a week-long performance art symposium hosted by The Department of Fine Arts and UWAG.

Visit MFA graduate Anna Van Milligen’s Airstream installation Dollhouse.

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