First year students in a drawing class

Students in a first year drawing class.

The Fine Arts Department offers two Undergraduate Programs: Studio practice (the making of art) and Visual Culture (the study of art history, film and the way we see the world).  Students can also participate in co-op through Waterloo’s Arts and Business program with a Fine Arts Honours.

Please note, that all honours programs require a minimum of 20.0 credits, and general programs require a minimum of 15.0 credits. The Department of Fine Arts reminds students that advising is a partnership between the advisor and the student. Ultimately students should read the Calendar very carefully and are responsible for appropriate progress toward their educational goals.

If you have any questions about our program, please contact:

  • Brett Roberts (519-888-4567 x40372), Administrative Coordinator for Undergraduate Studies 

Information about Fine Arts degrees can be found in the Undergraduate Calendar and the courses offered by Fine Arts can be found listed under FINE and VCULT.  For information about which courses are offered in each term, see the schedule of undergraduate classes.

Fine Arts also offers students the opportunity for hands-on experience through workshops, community art programs and experiential learning.  Visiting artist talks are scheduled throughout the year, and there are two galleries located within the Fine Arts building.

Students can also study abroad, either for a term through the international exchange program, or for a week with the study abroad courses (FINE 293 or 393).  The department also offers short trips to special events and galleries in places such as Toronto, Buffalo, New York and Chicago.

Society of Fine Arts (SOFA)

SOFA is the departmental student organisation. SOFA encourages each student to become involved. Elections to SOFA are held each year in March.  Watch for announcements of their meetings.