Courses for non-Fine Arts students

Georges Seurat's artwork Sunday afternoon is divided into three sections and reworked as an oriental scene, a anime scene and the 19th century original.

"New Take on Sunday Afternoon" by Regina Wang, Mei Lu and Jianlong Hu.


FINE 150: Appreciation and Expression
This course is designed for students who are not in the Fine Arts program but are interested in developing their appreciation of visual arts through studio practice. Course content varies each term and typically includes drawing, painting, sculpture, and print media.
Note: This course cannot be used to fulfill Fine Arts degree requirements.

FINE 130: Introduction to Digital Imaging
This online course is an introduction to current imaging software that students use to explore contemporary topics through digital imaging. This course is taught from a Fine Arts perspective.

Visual Culture

Most Visual Culture courses taught in the Fine Arts department are open to non-Fine Arts majors and minors. These consist primarily of art history and film studies courses. Consult FINE and VCULT courses for options.

FINE 293 & 393: Fine Arts Abroad

Computational Fine Arts Specialization

The Computational Fine Arts Specialization is available for the Bachelor of Computer Science and Bachelor of Mathematics (Computer Science) plans. This option gives Computer Science students an opportunity to develop creativity and critical thinking, ultimately applying their computer science skills to create works of art.