Visiting artists

Person stands in front of a group of people as they all look at a projected image of two televisions.

A visiting artist gives a talk about their artwork in the lecture room of East Campus Hall.

Fine Arts has a vibrant Visiting Artists program. At least 10 artists, curators, critics and other scholars visit the department each year to do studio critiques, workshops and lectures, and to participate in our regularly-scheduled symposiums such as SculptureNOW and This Could be the Place.

Previous visiting artists, scholars and critics

Aaron Nelson
Abbas Akhavan
Adad Hannah (co-presentation with UWAG)
Alia Toor (Waterloo Alum)
Allison Hrabluik (co-presentation with KWAG)
Amanda Cachia  (co-presentation with KWAG)
Amish Morell of C Magazine
Andrew McPhail (This Could Be The Place)
Anita Chowdry
Barbara Hobot (co-presentation with UWAG, Waterloo Alum)
Cal Lane (SculptureNOW, BMO Keynote Speaker)
Caroline Larsen (Waterloo Alum)
Catherine Telford-Keogh (Waterloo Alum)
Chen Tamir
Christine Shaw
Colleen Wolstenholme (co-presentation with UWAG)
Crystal Mowry
Dana Schutz (Shantz MFA program)
Daniel Hutchinson (co-presentation with KWAG)
David Hoffos (co-presentation with KWAG)
Deidre Logue
Denyse Thomasos (Shantz MFA program)
Derek Liddington (SculptureNOW)
Derrick Piens (co-presentation with UWAG)
Di Mainstone
Diana Yoo (co-presentation with KWAG)
Elinor Whidden (co-presentation with UWAG)
Emmy Skensved (Waterloo Alum)
Esmond Lee (co-presentation with KWAG)
Frances Loeffler
Franciso-Fernando Granados (This Could Be The Place)
Gary Evans
Gary Spearin (co-presentation with KWAG)
Gordon Hatt
Gordon Hicks
Helen Cho
Iain Baxter &
Derek Knight
Iga Janik
JP King and Kirsten McCrea,
Jaime Angeloupoulos
Janet Briggs (co-presentation with KWAG)
Janet Morton
Janine Miedzik (co-presentation with KWAG)
Jason de Haan (SculptureNOW)
Jean-Pierre Gauthier
Jennifer Fisher
Jennifer Willet
Jess Riva Cooper
Jessica Thompson (This Could Be The Place)
Jillian McDonald (co-presentation with UWAG)
Johannes Zits (This Could Be The Place)
John Kissick
Julian Montague (co-presentation with UWAG)

Julius Poncelet Manapul (co-presentation with KWAG)
Kate Wilson (co-presentation with KWAG)
Kelly Mark (SculptureNOW)
Kelly Richardson (co-presentation with UWAG)
Kim Adams (BMO Keynote Speaker)
Lani Maestro
Laura Millard
Laurel Woodcock (co-presentation with UWAG)
Lauren Hall (Waterloo Alum)
Lin Gibson
Lisa Birke (This Could Be The Place, Waterloo Alum)
Lois Andison (SculptureNOW)
Lori Blondeau and Adrian Stimson (This Could Be The Place)
Louise Liliefeldt
Maggie Groat (co-presentation with KWAG)
Marnie Fleming
Marnix Everaert
Matthew Carver (co-presentation with UWAG)
Melentie Pandilovski
Michel de Broin (SculptureNOW)
Nahed Mansour (This Could Be The Place)
Nether Mind (John Dickson, Lyla Rye, Mary Catherine Newcomb and Reinhard Reitzenstein, co-presentation with UWAG)
Nicole Collins (co-presentation with UWAG)
Nina Levitt
Patricia Reed
Patrick Macaulay
Paul Dignan (co-presentation with KWAG)
Pierre Dorion
R.M. Vaughan
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (co-presentation with CAFKA)
Reg Beatty
Rita McKeogh
Ron Shuebrook
Roula Partheniou (SculptureNOW)
Ruth Abernethy
Ryan Price
Sara Angelucci
Sasha Pierce (Waterloo Alum)
Sky Glabush
Soft Turns (Sarah Jane Gorlitz and Wojciech Olejnik, co-presentation with UWAG)
Spencer Finch (co-presentation with CAFKA)
Srimoyee Mitra
Stephen Loft (BMO Keynote Speaker)
Steve Lambert (Shantz MFA program)
Suzy Lake
Terrence Houle (This Could Be The Place)
Toni Hafkenscheid
Tony Urquhart
Vessna Perunovich (This Could Be The Place)
Wanda Nanibush