View from above of an artist's studio with the artist working on a painting

Graduate student working on a painting in their studio space.

The application deadline is February 1.

Admission to the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program requires an Honours degree in Visual Arts or its equivalent. The online application can be found on the Graduate Studies Application page. The application fee is $125 CAD.  A short Supplementary Information Form that includes a statement of intent (max. 500 words), curriculum vitae (CV) /artist resume, transcripts and two letters of recommendation (references) are also required. These aspects are submitted online through Quest - our student information system.

Applicants must also submit 20 images and/or video (digital format with corresponding list) of recent work directly to Sharon Dahmer in the Department of Fine Arts. For details and tips on submitting your digital portfolio please visit: Submitting Digital Material.

The statement of intent should outline the work you intend to pursue as an MFA student. This may include conceptual underpinnings, theoretical influences, and the proposed works’ relationship to contemporary art practices and/or contemporary culture. There might also be a short statement that conceptualises imagery from your portfolio submission, especially if this differs from your future intentions.

The CV is a resume outlining your past experiences as an artist—previous education, exhibition history (solo and group), awards, merits, special honours, selected writing (e.g. publications, blogs, reviews), artist residencies, plus any related work and volunteer experience.

The Selection Committee seeks potential students whose work shows a mature, well-defined, personal vision accompanied by a strong academic record.

For more information on graduate studies, scholarship opportunities and to apply online, visit the Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs page.

Residency Requirement
It is expected that students reside in the Waterloo area during their period of active enrolment and make regular use of the studios provided.