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Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies is a flexible Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree program, since it does not require you to follow the requirements for a major. This allows you to explore your interests in many different areas or have a small area of subject concentration by adding one or two minors. While many students graduate with a BA in Liberal Studies, you can always switch out of Liberal Studies and into a major before graduation. One of the benefits of Liberal Studies is that it gives you more time to explore your interests and find the subject that's the best fit for you.

Complete your degree faster

As a Liberal Studies student, you take the same number of courses as you would for a general BA with a major, but you don't have to wait for required courses to be offered. Read more information about Liberal Studies degree requirements.

Broaden your horizons

Liberal Studies is a good fit for students with interests in a variety of subjects and for transfer students. Complete up to half of your courses in other faculties, at other universities, or via transfer credit from past studies.

Enjoy flexibility

Take courses online, on-campus, during the day or evening, part-time, or full-time. Because you don't have to take specific courses for a major, you can complete a Liberal Studies degree entirely online

How to apply for Liberal Studies

  • High school students - apply to Honours Arts on OUAC and work with your academic advisor once you are a Waterloo student. 
  • Transfer students (other schools or other UW faculties) - contact us to apply for admission. 
  • Waterloo Arts students - submit a plan modification form to request to change from your current program into Liberal Studies

Frequently asked questions