Honours Arts

Student speaking with mother and daughter

Are you curious about the world? Do you find everything exciting?

Then the ultra-flexible Honours Arts program, may be for you. It gives you the chance to explore any number of different paths of study within one degree.

You'll have plenty of time to discover your passion in class and outside of it – so you can still run for student government, study abroad, or volunteer. Customize your experience as an Honours Arts student. You can be as unconventional or as traditional as you want to! 

What to expect in first year

  • Most full-time students study for the fall and winter terms and take their summers off to work, travel, or expand their horizons in other ways.
  • Academic advisors help you with first year course selection and your upper year course choices - there's lots of help along the way.
  • As a first year Honours Arts student, you would normally take 10 courses, five in each term.