This is the place where creative minds and critical thinkers unite. Collaborate with peers and professors as you explore the diversity of the human experience and shine new light on age-old questions.

Whether you’re in Accounting and Financial Management, Global Business and Digital Arts, or one of 27 other honours majors, you’ll benefit from the variety of academic departments you’ll interact with and the different perspectives they offer.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree, you’ll graduate with the expertise employers need and the hands-on experience they want, thanks to co-op terms, career-focused minors, study abroad opportunities, and experiential education certificates. 

Majors and programs


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Co-op = paid work experience

Combine co-op and a Bachelor of Arts degree to discover the career for you! See who hires Arts co-op students and the types of careers you can explore before graduating with your Waterloo degree.

800+courses in 59 different subjects
35%of honours students add a second major and/or a minor to their degree to broaden their studies
90partner universities offer international study exchanges to Arts students 


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