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Liberal Studies

Intrigued by many different Arts subjects? Liberal Studies may be for you.

The 3-year general or 4-year general Liberal Studies degree allows you to explore Arts subjects throughout your entire degree! You can study one subject area in depth, or branch out into several different areas, including courses from other faculties.

About Liberal Studies at Waterloo

Admission requirements

Apply to Honours Arts and choose Liberal Studies as your major

First-year courses

This program does not have any required courses in first year except ENGL 109 - Introduction to Academic Writing. You'll choose 9 additional courses in your first-year for a total of 10 courses.

What other courses will you take?

  • Most of the classes you’ll take will be Faculty of Arts courses. With your remaining classes, you can choose electives from many of the 100 subject areas at Waterloo.
  • You can also add additional areas of interest and expertise by including a minor (or minors) as part of your degree.

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