Applying to university is an exciting step – one that can take several months. Here's an overview of key dates in Waterloo's application process.

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  1. 2024
    1. Feb
      1. Application deadline - February 1

        If you plan to be a full-time Waterloo student, today is the last day to apply through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre, which handles applications for all Ontario's universities.

      2. Deadline to submit documents – February 16

        Today is the last day to submit all necessary documents for your application. This includes your transcripts, Admission Information Form, English Language test scores (if applicable), and any other documents required by the Admissions Office by this date.

    2. Mar
      1. March Open House – March 23

        You're invited to attend academic information sessions and sample lectures, chat with professors and students, and take tours and visit our residences. This is a great day to discover the many exciting opportunities at Waterloo!

      2. Apply for scholarships

        Now's a great time to apply for scholarships. Some Waterloo scholarships have deadlines in mid-April. You can also research scholarships at sites such as

    3. Apr
      1. Deadline for Ontario students to apply for an entrance bursary – April 15

        Today is the deadline for Ontario students with financial need and who are starting university or college for the first time to apply for a Waterloo entrance bursary.

    4. May
      1. All remaining offers of admission are sent – mid-May

        All Waterloo offers of admission are sent by mid-May once we receive updated grades from Ontario high schools.

      2. Scholarships are awarded

        Most scholarships for new Waterloo students are awarded in mid-May once we've received updated marks from high schools.

    5. Jun
      1. Deadline to accept your Offer of Admission – June 3

        Deadline to accept an offer of admission through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre website.

      2. Deadline to apply for residence – June 3

        Planning to live in residence? Today is the deadline to complete Waterloo's residence application form and pay your residence deposit. You must also accept your Offer of Admission to guarantee a spot in residence.

      3. Transferring to Waterloo? Send us your course outlines

        If you're transferring from college or another university, please send us all of your course syllabi (outlines) so we can review your file for possible transfer credit.

    6. Jul
      1. Submit final grades and meet conditions

        If you have a conditional offer of admission, you must submit your final and official transcripts by the deadline on your Offer. You must meet the conditions listed on your Offer of Admission in Quest by the deadline on your Offer and well before the start of term in order to retain your spot at Waterloo.

    7. Aug
      1. View and pay tuition fees for the fall term – mid-August

        Your tuition fees will be listed in your Quest account.

    8. Sep
      1. Orientation and classes

        Attend Orientation to meet your new classmates in a fun environment, learn what it means to be a Waterloo Warrior, and get to know the services and opportunities available to you before you start classes in early September.

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