Protect yourself from fraud

Each year, we have some students ask us to verify offers of admission and/or scholarships they’ve received from organizations or people claiming to work with the University of Waterloo. We’re aware of people misrepresenting themselves and asking for monetary fees to apply on behalf of students.

Please protect yourself by working directly with University of Waterloo staff and following these best practices.


  • The University of Waterloo accepts undergraduate applications from students only through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC). View details about how to apply to Waterloo.
  • Application fees are paid directly to the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC). You’ll never be asked to pay an application fee directly to Waterloo or anyone else.

Scholarships and fees

  • We will never award scholarships or financial aid before issuing an offer of admission. Scholarships and/or bursaries are awarded typically in early to mid-May and only after we have reviewed your application.
  • Any required payments will be clearly specified on our website or through your Waterloo Quest account (if you receive an offer of admission). Normally the only fee you pay is the application fee.

Communicating with you

  • We’ll communicate about your application and any scholarships ONLY to the email address you provided when you applied through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre. Official offers of admissions and scholarship information are available through your Waterloo Quest account.
  • All email communications to you will be sent from an “” email address.
  • We do not use any social media platform, including WhatsApp, to send application or scholarship information or to request documents.
  • All details relating to your Offer of Admission are available in your Waterloo Quest account.

Guaranteed admission

  • The University of Waterloo does not offer guaranteed admission to any student or through any particular school.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact us at

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