Staying healthy and fit – physically and mentally.

Student reading a brochure about mental health

Health and wellness supports at Waterloo you should know about

Explore the health and wellness services at Waterloo, because a happy and healthy community is one that succeeds together.


A confident university student.

Ways to counter self-doubt

Self-doubt is a feeling that can be all too familiar to students at all levels. This is a mental state where you are caught between believing you can and believing you can’t do something.


Girl dancing in sunlight.

Looking after your mental health

Being a healthy human being is about a lot more than just eating healthy and being physically active, although those are a big part of it.


Student kneeling on bench lifting a weight in their left hand

Athletics and recreation 101

Want to learn about the athletics and recreation services at Waterloo? Consider this your guide on how you can take advantage of the opportunities offered on campus!


Student meditating in an open field

How to deal with stress in healthy ways

Dealing with stress can be stressful. You have to figure out how to cope with it while also looking for ways to eliminate it, not to mention dealing with the thing that’s actually causing the stress.


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Health and wellness

Staying healthy and fit – physically and mentally.