How to apply and submit documents as a transfer student

If you plan to take one or two courses per term, learn about our part-time studies programs and application process.

If you plan to take 3 or more on-campus (classroom) courses per term, you'll be considered a full-time Waterloo student. You can use the following instructions to apply.

Applying to full-time studies

  1. Review the admission requirements and transfer credit information for your program(s) of interest. Note: Some of our programs have transfer credit agreements with Ontario colleges. Check to see if we have an agreement with your program.
  2. Use the 105 application on the Ontario Universities' Application Centre website to apply by the application deadline.
    1. If you've previously attended Waterloo, complete the Application for Undergraduate Re-Admission form.
  3. Once you’ve applied, we’ll email you your Waterloo ID number and details of your next steps.
    1. You'll need to ensure all official documents, transcripts, and any English language test results are sent directly to us from the authorized institutions by the documents deadline.
    2. Learn about sending required documents.
  4. Complete your Waterloo Admission Information Form (AIF).
    1. Tell us why you’re a great fit for your chosen program or explain any circumstances that may have impacted your grades.
  5. Check your application status on Quest, our online system for students and applicants.
    1. You can also use Quest to ensure that we've received your documents and AIF.
    2. If your application is approved, we’ll send your Offer of Admission and ask you to email your course syllabi so we can begin your transfer credit assessment.
  6. Accept your Offer of Admission.
    1. Celebrate! We’ll get ready to welcome you to campus and ensure you’re supported as you begin your studies with us.
    2. Review your Offer of Admission for any conditions you need to meet.
  7. Let us take care of finding a place to live with a guaranteed spot in an upper-year residence.

Applying to co-op programs

  • If you're interested in a co-op program, you must check the co-op box on the OUAC application.
  • If you apply to a co-op program that is also offered as a regular program and you're not admitted to co-op, you'll automatically be considered for the regular program if spaces are available.

Applying to Engineering programs

You may apply to only one Waterloo Engineering program, including Software Engineering. If you wish, you can apply to Architecture and an Engineering program.

You can request consideration for an additional Engineering program on your Admission Information Form (AIF). You'll receive instructions for completing your AIF once you've applied.

Engineering programs traditionally do not grant transfer credits.

Applying to math and computer science programs

Admission to Computer Science is extremely competitive with very few spaces (if any) available for transfer students.

Transfer students are not eligible for the

  • Business Administration (Laurier) and Computer Science (Waterloo) Double Degree,
  • Business Administration (Laurier) and Mathematics (Waterloo) Double Degree,
  • Computing and Financial Management, and
  • Mathematics/Chartered Professional Accountancy programs.

Submitting documents

College and university students must arrange to have all required documents, including transcripts and English language test results, sent directly to our Registrar's Office by the issuing institution or testing authority.

  • Have your high school send us an official transcript of your grades as soon as possible and no later than the documents deadline.
  • Have each college or university you've attended to send us an official transcript of your completed and current courses as soon as the transcript is available and no later than the documents deadline.
  • In the meantime, you can upload unofficial high school and college/university transcripts of completed and in-progress courses so that we can review your application and make a decision.
  • Arrange to have your college and/or university send us an official final transcript by the deadline listed on your Offer of Admission.

Course syllabi

As part of the process of evaluating your transfer credits we need to review the content of the courses you've taken. You'll need to submit detailed course descriptions/syllabi for the courses you've completed or are in the process of completing. Your admissions officer will reach out for more information.

Brief calendar descriptions are not sufficient for transfer credit assessment. Please contact us (see below) if detailed course descriptions/syllabi are not available from your institution.

Calendar descriptions are not required if you're applying to Engineering or Software Engineering.

Instructions for course syllabi

Send us a copy of the course outline/syllabus for each course you have taken or are taking. See an example of a course syllabus.

Send your course outlines/transcripts to

Office of the Registrar
University of Waterloo
200 University Ave W
Waterloo ON   N2L 3G1  CANADA

Please include your full name, program(s) applied to, Waterloo ID number, and OUAC reference number in your correspondence. If you are emailing course descriptions, please send them in PDF format.