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    2022 updates

    Environment lecture for students

    What does ice mean to different people and how can linking different ways of knowing about ice add to our understanding about the Arctic, and how it is changing?

    In The Meaning of Ice: Co-production of knowledge and community action in a changing Arctic, Dr. Shari Fox, our 2022 TD Walter Bean Professor in Environment, will address these and other questions in a lecture that explores ice and the changing Arctic environment through community-led research, harvesting, photography, science, art, and more.

    This free lecture on Wednesday, December 14 is available in person at the University of Waterloo and virtually. Learn more and register.

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    Guide to international student life at Waterloo

    Your guide to student lif at Waterloo. Student holding tablet with guide displayed on screen.

    Our international student life guide gives an introduction to the academic programs, student experience and campus community at the University of Waterloo.


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