1. If you plan to be a full-time student, you'll apply through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC), which processes applications to each of Ontario's universities.
  2. Ontario high school students use the OUAC 101 application. All other students will use the OUAC 105 application.
  3. Once we receive your application from the OUAC, we'll email you within 2 weeks with the next steps in the admissions process.

Application tips

  • Applying through the OUAC means you can use one application to apply to multiple Waterloo programs or universities in Ontario. Be sure to apply by the application deadline.
  • It's a good idea to add myapplication@uwaterloo.ca to your contacts to ensure you receive our emails.
  • If you've previously studied at Waterloo and are re-applying for admission (to programs other than Optometry, Social Work, and Pharmacy), use the Application for Undergraduate Re-Admission.

Can you apply to more than one program at Waterloo?

Yes, you can apply to multiple programs at Waterloo except for Engineering programs. You may apply to one Engineering program.

Applying to Engineering

If you wish to be considered for two Engineering programs at Waterloo, you can apply to one and then use your Admission Information Form (AIF) to request consideration for a second Engineering program. You'll receive instructions for completing your AIF once you've applied. Biomedical Engineering and Software Engineering are not available as alternate choices on the AIF.

Applying to Engineering and other programs

You can apply to an Engineering program and other non-Engineering Waterloo programs that interest you. If you plan to apply to Architecture (which is offered by the Faculty of Engineering), you can also apply to an Engineering program and/or other Waterloo programs.

How do you apply to a co-op program?

To apply to a co-op program, you must check the co-op box on your OUAC application. If you apply to a co-op program that is also offered through the regular system of study and you're not admitted to co-op, you'll automatically be considered for the regular program if spaces are available.

Co-op and regular systems of study are available to Canadian and international students, except Biotechnology/Chartered Professional Accountancy which is not available to visa students.

Apply as a mature student, home school, or GED

Apply to part-time or online studies

Part-time studies (one or two courses per term), online learning, post-degree, non-degree, and letter of permission use a different application process.


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