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Congratulations and welcome to Waterloo! All of your hard work has paid off and it's time to celebrate your achievements!

Step 1 - Accept your Offer of Admission

Important: If you haven't submitted your Admission Information Form (AIF), you should still do so because some scholarships are awarded based on the information in your AIF.

Step 2 - Take care of your finances

Step 3 - Choose where you'll live

Live in residence and join the community. Residence is a place where you can “live and learn.” Living in residence means you become part of a great community with support that’s ready to help you transition to university life smoothly. With our Living and Learning Communities, you get access to academic and faculty support at no extra cost.

Step 4 - Prepare for your first term

  • In June, we'll email you about creating your class schedule for the fall term.
  • Attend your faculty's 101 Day during the summer and plan to attend Orientation in September.
  • Review our tips for new co-op students.
  • Expand your experience.
    • From the Great Wall of China to the Tower of London, you can find Waterloo students almost anywhere in the world thanks to the Global Experience Certificate.
    • Explore and enhance your leadership skills by completing the 12 workshops in the Student Leadership Program, a valuable addition to your résumé!

  • Contact AccessAbility Services if you have a physical, sensory, medical, psychological, or learning disability and require assistance.

Step 5 - Make the transition

  • Get an inside look at student life on the UWaterlooLife blog.
  • Once you're on campus, visit the Student Success Office for workshops, peer coaches, and resources to develop your academic skills.
  • You can also use wellness services such as on-campus physicians, nutrition coaches, counsellors, personal trainers, and fitness instructors to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Step 6 - Become a Warrior

For international students

For transfer students


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