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Undergraduate (UG) and Graduate (GRD) news

Date Message Student audience
Nov. 18

Fall 2016 - Drop, penalty 1 period ends

WD (Withdrew, no credit granted) grade assigned for course(s) dropped

Nov. 19 Fall 2016 - Drop, penalty 2 period begins

WF (Withdrew/Failure, no credit granted, value 32) grade assigned for course(s) dropped (Engineering students: Visit course load and withdrawal in the calendar for specific regulations.)

Nov. 21 Winter 2017 - Drop/add period begins

View appointment time for the beginning of drop/add.
Dec. 5 Fall 2016 - Make-up day for October 10

The loss of a Monday class on October 10 (Thanksgiving Day) will be made up by following a Monday schedule on December 5.
Dec. 5 Fall 2016 - Lectures or classes end UG