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Undergraduate (UG) and Graduate (GRD) news

Date Message Student audience
Mar. 30 - May 15 Spring 2015 -- Drop/add period UG
Apr. 10 - 25 Winter 2015 -- On-campus exams UG
Apr. 10 - 11 Winter 2015 -- Online class exams UG
Apr. 27 Winter 2015 -- Unofficial Grades begin to appear in Quest: Beginning this date, registered students can view their unofficial term grades in Quest (this means not all grades may appear). UG
Apr. 27 Spring 2015 -- Fees due date: If you are not Fees Arranged, you access to LEARN may be affected. UG
Apr. 28 Spring 2015 -- Late fees begin UG
May 22 Winter 2015 -- Standings and official grades available in Quest (fully graded date): Beginning this date, registered students can view their official term grades in Quest; date when official and complete term grades will appear along with academic standing; this is the date when official transcripts that have been ordered will be released. Averages do not appear on the official transcript. UG

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