Welcome to Accessible Housing

Process for Requesting Accessible Housing Supports  

This process is designed for students who have, and/or suspect they may have, a disability for which they would like to request accessible housing supports.  Please note this process is for students who plan to/live with Campus Housing, St. Jerome's, St. Paul's or Renison. Students who plan to live/are living with Conrad Grebel and would like to request accessible housing supports are encouraged to contact grebelstudentservices@uwaterloo.ca.

Please note:  

  • A disability/medical condition is defined as a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities of an individual, covers a broad range and degree of conditions, and can be visible or invisible. With the presence of functional limitations in activities of daily living, housing accommodations can be made for medical, sensory, physical, environmental, psychological, allergy/dietary restrictions, or mental health conditions. 

If you require accessible housing supports due to a documented disability: 

  1. Download and print off the most appropriate verification form(s): 
  2. Make an appointment with the most appropriate person to verify your forms: 

    • Accessible Housing Application – to be completed by your registered health care practitioner

  3. Upload your completed verification forms to the Accessible Housing webform as soon as possible. 

It can take time to obtain an appointment to have your forms completed by the appropriate verifier. We strongly encourage you to begin this process early.  Please note that many physicians may charge a fee for the form to be completed.

If you also require academic accommodations, you are encouraged to visit the AccessAbility Services website and follow the instructions on how to apply and upload documentation.