Academic Dean moving on to new opportunities

A message from Principal Wendy Fletcher:

As I understand it, one of the projects we have undertaken together is the goal of creating a vital community of well-being which is thriving and vibrant. A community is vital when its members are vital- lively, engaged, following the path which is uniquely theirs- following the opportunity for their best-becoming in work which fully uses the gifts which have flowered in them over the course of their story. Many of you have heard me quote the line from my favourite Mary Oliver poem Wild Geese: “What will you do with the one wild and precious life you have been given?” The most important work any of us will ever do is wisely tending the stewardship of our own lives.

In asking this question of our Dean recently, an opportunity was provided for him to speak clearly and truly about his own vocational path. Eight months ago many members of our community asked Doug to let his name be considered for the work of Academic Dean. When the committee chose him, he agreed to give it try, committed as he had been for many years to the Renison project.  As the months have unfolded, he has had the opportunity to test the reality of the work against the backdrop of his own passions and gifts. He has decided that the work of administration has not been a life-giving path for him. As such, I have encouraged him to do that which I encourage us all to do: make a choice which is life giving. If this choice is good for him it will be good for the whole system.

Doug will finish his time as Academic Dean May 31 of this year and then after vacation will be on sabbatical until December 31. He will return to the classroom at Renison January 01, 2016.

Given the imminent return of Judi Jewinski as our Administrative Dean, we will not be replacing the role of Academic Dean. The Principal and Chairs will work together to support the needs of faculty.

Please join me in thanking Doug for his willingness to undertake this work on our behalf and in commending him for his courage in making this responsible choice. I also want to express a personal word of deep appreciation for the way in which our Dean has stood by me as a new principal and bent every effort to try and ensure the success of our College.

Wendy Fletcher

Professor Llewellyn receives a second grant in support of upcoming workshop

Professor Kristina Llewellyn has received another grant  in support of the workshop Oral History and Education: Theories, Dilemmas, and Practices that will take place at the University of Ottawa on May 24th and 25th. According to their website, the grant from theCanadian Society for the Study of Education Information (CSSE) "enables CSSE members to get together at other times throughout the year to connect, share their work and connect to other education communities." It also aims to increase the work of the CSSE and its members.

The two-day workshop is free, and registration is open. To register, email your full name, institutional affiliation, and contact information before May 10. Space is limited to 50 registrants. Join over twenty international experts to foster, exchange, and generate new ideas about what it means to use oral history to engage the past with students!

Professor McMillan to present alongside Renison students at conference

School of Social Work Professor Colleen McMillan will be presenting at the 32nd Annual Qualitative Analysis Conference: The Craft of Qualitative Inquiry. Her talk, Teaching Philosophy to Conceptualization: The Core of Qualitative Research Instruction, will be delivered in collaboration with undergraduate students Adele Blau, Jenn Bondi, Erin Northey, Sarah Schotsman, and Julie Stevenson. The conference takes place at Brescia University College at Western University from June 24-26, 2015. The event website says the conference aims to facilitate discussions that help qualitative researchers "create worthwhile research questions, collect useful data in an ethically sound manner, offer a cogent analysis of the data, and (re-)formulate useful theoretical and applied ideas." 

ELI staff present at conference in UK

Staff from Renison ELI’s English Language Centre and English Language Studies presented at the BALEAP 2015 conference at the University of Leicester in Leicester, United Kingdom. A global forum for professionals in the field of English for academic purposes (EAP), presentations proposed by Neal A. Smithwick, Keely Cook, and Maggie Heeney were accepted by the BALEAP committee. The conference ran from April 17-19, 2015.

RASC supports local non-profit organization

RASC donationRenison Academic Student Council (RASC) recently made a donation of $2,216.72 to Monica Place, a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower young women who are pregnant, parenting or choose adoption to make healthy and informed choices for themselves and their children. Nicole Vanderleest, President of RASC, said that this organization was a natural choice to support. "As future social workers (within RASC and the SDS Society) who are committed to giving back to our community, Monica Place really stood out to us as the ideal organization to make a donation to. Monica Place offers a variety of programs and services to support women by providing safe and supportive housing, high school level education, and parenting and life skills programs. We hope that by making our donation to Monica Place it will go towards expanding programs offered by Monica Place to help better the lives of more young women and their children within the Waterloo-Kitchener area," says Vanderleest.

Buddhist dictionaries donated to Renison

Buddhist book donation

On March 3, 2015, a delegation from the Fo Quang Shan Temple in Toronto travelled to Renison University College to donate a set of Buddhist Dictionaries to the Lusi Wong Library. The dictionaries were offered to the College as part of Fo Quang Shan’s objective to promote the principles of Humanistic Buddhism and to foster peace and harmony among all peoples of the world. This objective is guided by providing educational opportunities, sponsoring cultural events, engaging in community service, and by extensively writing and teaching about the Buddhist path of wisdom and compassion.

Thank you to the Fo Quang Shan Temple for the donation of this beautiful collection.  It is an excellent enhancement to our library.

BSW Placement Fair

The Bachelor of Social Work Placement Fair is this Wednesday April 29th from 11:30 am until 3:30 pm in the Great Hall Cafeteria. Renison will be hosting 30 community agencies and 65 BSW students from the 2015-16 cohort. 

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