Professor Denise Marigold a contributor in massive study where fewer than half of psychology studies replicated

Denise MarigoldFrom a UWaterloo news release
Fewer than half of psychology studies published can replicate their original results, according to University of Waterloo researchers involved in the most comprehensive investigation ever conducted on the rate and predictors of reproducibility in a field of science.

Published last week in the journal Science, the Reproducibility Project: Psychology found that only 35 of 100 attempted replications produced the same findings as the original study. The project, launched nearly four years ago, asked 270 researchers around the world to replicate studies published in Psychological Science, the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, and the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition. All of them are prominent psychology journals.

“Research that is novel and innovative is most likely to be published in prestigious journals, which benefits the scientist’s career," said Renison Professor Denise Marigold, who also replicated a study as part of the project. “Research reporting the precise conditions under which other scientist’s findings do or do not replicate doesn’t earn the same kind of recognition, but is necessary to move science forward as a whole.” (Read the full story

Professor Rachelle Ashcroft's article on the mental health impact of bed bug infestations published

Last week, the International Journal of Public Health published an article by Professor Rachelle Ashcroft about the impact that bed bug infestations have on public health. It outlines the findings from a scoping review of existing articles that included a focus on bed bug infestations and reference to mental health impacts. The article concludes that "although significant mental health effects are often linked to bed bugs, such discussions remain largely anecdotal. Despite recognition that the impact of bed bugs constitutes an important public health concern, little empirical evidence currently exists on this topic." (Read the article)

Professor Christine Logel interviewed in article about kids and self-esteem

Professor Christine Logel was interviewed for an August 19 article in Deseret News National about raising your kids to be healthy without damaging their self-esteem. Logel says parents should avoid the topic of weight loss with young people, and instead focus on raising kids who are caring, honest and funny. "It sends a mixed message to tell a teenager that, on the one hand, you love them unconditionally and appearance isn't as important as they think, but, on the other hand, you want them to lose weight and you are going to put time and energy into making that happen," she wrote in an email. "No matter what you say explicitly, the teenager is likely to hear, 'I don't think you are good enough the way you are.'" (Read the full story)

Renison language courses put community members in the classroom; locally and around the globe

Isabella in a tea field

When Isabella Marchand signed up for the Study in China program through Renison University College, she didn’t speak a word of Mandarin. She knew that communication would be a challenge as she made her way through Nanjing, Bejing, and Shanghai over a six-week period. But with an intensive language course set up through a partnership between Renison, the Confucius Institute, and Nanjing University, she was able to read about 500 Chinese characters and speak conversationally by the end of her trip. “I loved doing little things like directing cabs, ordering food, asking if stores had certain products, and enjoying a bit of small talk with locals. Being back home now, I've even had someone doubt that I'd only spent a month and a half studying Mandarin,” says Marchand. This program is one of many language-learning opportunities at Renison through Community and Professional Education (CAPE) classes in Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Korean, and Turkish. (Read the full story)

New faculty and staff at Renison

A message from Principal Wendy Fletcher
As we begin a new academic term, I am happy to again share news regarding additions and changes within our Renison community. 
Effective September 1st, two lecturers will be joining the East Asian Studies department.

Renee Rui Wang will serve as a Lecturer for a one year period. Dr. Wang has worked with Renison for many years and will be instructing Chinese language and East Asian Culture classes. She has taught at the University of Toronto, the University of Waterloo, Ryerson University, Beijing Language and Culture University and Renmin University of China.

June Deng will also serve as a Lecturer for Japanese language and East Asian Culture classes for a one year term. Dr. Deng has taught at Vancouver Island University, Nara Women’s University in Japan as well as here at Renison.

Additionally, effective September 1st, Michele Parrott will join the English Language Institute as the Administrative Assistant. Michele most recently worked in the Co-operative Education department at the University of Waterloo. She brings many years of experience from her most recent role as well as roles at the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery and Dare Foods Limited. Michele is a graduate of the University of Guelph.

Finally, joining the English Language Institute is Zdenko Milos. Serving for a two year term, Zdenko will be working as a Lecturer in the English for Academic Success (EFAS) program. He brings teaching experience from working with St. Louis Adult Learning Centre, Conestoga College, and the KW English School. Additionally, Zdenko has taught at the elementary and secondary school levels in former Yugoslavia. 

We are grateful that these individuals have chosen to join Renison and to contribute to the work of our school. Please join me in welcoming them and supporting each of these people in their new roles.

Video news this week

IDEAS videoWaterloo International was able to host a very successful IDEAS Summer Experience Program for international high school students with the help of professors and staff members across the University in all six faculties and various departments, including Renison. IDEAS was a two-week program from July 12 – July 26 in which participants attended lectures and workshops and learned valuable skills to help them develop their big ideas and help them try to solve some of the world’s most serious challenges. IDEAS encompassed academic programming from all six faculties and and highlighted innovation and entrepreneurship. Watch the video and hear what students thought about the experience.
EFS LivestreamMore than 136 people from around the world watched our ‪#‎EFS‬ August graduation ceremony on Friday! Congratulations to all of our students. Enjoy the ceremony here.
<--break->Tottori videoThis June, Renison students visited Tottori University in Japan for a short-term exchange program. Take a look at some of the highlights of the trip in this video shared by Tottori.


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