#RenisonSocialChangeProject2014 students enact change to social work curriculum across Canada

suicide prevention ribbon (top right) with map of CanadaIn an article published Thursday, June 16th in the Waterloo Region Record, Johanna Weidner, wrote about how Renison students have successfully lobbied to have suicide prevention training added to social work curriculum across the country. According to the article, "The Renison University College students spoke about the importance of that specialized training at a recent meeting of the Canadian Association for Social Work Education, where a student-led motion to add it to the curriculum for all schools was passed." Renison students get suicide prevention training added into social work curriculum across Canada

A culturally mindful curriculum and work place assessment for internationally trained optometrists

by Winona Phachanla, Administrative and Marketing Assistant, Culture and Language Studies

Optometry deviceIn an article published last week in the research issue of TESL Contact Magazine, Julia Williams and Dr. Maggie Heeney of English Language Studies discuss building a culturally mindful curriculum for internationally trained optometrists in the International Optometric Bridging Program (IOPB) at the University of Waterloo. The program increased students’ cultural awareness while improving their language skills. 

Developing a culturally mindful curriculum and occupation specific assessment for an optometric bridging program

Water advocacy group pushes back against Nestlé Waters Canada

water droplet landing in clear waterIn an article published Friday, June 17th in Guelph Today, Rob O'Flanagan, wrote about how the Wellington Water Watchers are putting pressure on the province in an effort to oppose Nestlé Waters Canada (Nestlé) and an application for a 10 year extension on their existing permit in Aberfoyle, Ontario along with expansion plans in the Elora area. According to the article, Renison Professor "Robert Case is a member of the board of Wellington Water Watchers, and a spokesperson for the water protection advocacy group. He said a lot is happening in Nestlé’s local bottling operation and there is a need to mount strong, united opposition." Renison Professor advocates for water protection in Wellington County

Renison acknowledged at FACS Waterloo AGM for new Crown Ward Housing Fund

Principal Wendy Fletcher (centre left) stands with Crown Ward housing fund recipient (centre) at FACS AGMOn Wednesday, June 15th representatives from Renison University College (Renison) were invited to attend the 2016 Annual General Meeting of Family and Children's Services of the Waterloo Region (FACS Waterloo). At the event Renison was acknowledged by FACS Waterloo for its new Renison University College Crown Ward Housing Fund which has now accepted its first ever students to receive fully funded residence spots through the fund at Renison for the upcoming fall semester. FACS acknowledges Renison at 2016 AGM

Advice from Renison student about how to get the most out of your exchange program

"Bring an open mind when you step on to the plane, tell yourself that you are here to learn, appreciate and grow." Jack Li, 2nd year, Knowledge Integration, University of Waterloo

Jack Li sits on a porch with a Japanese villa in the backgroundFor second year Knowledge Integration student Jack Li, doing an exchange program seemed like a great way of being able to get a deeper appreciation for the culture and places he would visit in Japan while he was away. As opposed to just travelling there and getting the tourist version, Jack wanted to truly experience Japan and the best way he could think of to do that was by going on an exchange program organized through East Asian Studies at Renison. Graciously, Jack has agreed to give us his perspective on how he made the most of his exchange experience (Q&A Style). Advice from Renison student about how to get the most out of your exchange program

Accessibility projects underway at Renison

From a Memo circulated to Staff, Faculty & Students

Construction fence with construction conesTwo visible projects will start tomorrow which are expected to take two weeks to complete; they are: reworking the entrances to the men’s and women’s washrooms on either side of the Great Hall and reconfiguring the entrances to the washrooms on the first and second floor of the Academic Centre. The purpose of these projects is to enhance barrier free access. There will be a small amount of noise and dust; access will, at times, be restricted. I am grateful, in advance, for your patience as we work through these improvements. Jim Robson, Manager of Plant Operations/Facilities, Renison University College. Accessibility projects underway at Renison

Wellness Series adds a summer session

Crafting is the best medicine. “Neuroscientists are beginning to understand how mindfulness, meditation and experiencing "flow" impact the brain. Research shows these practices improve depression, anxiety, coping style in the face of adversity, improve quality of life, and significantly reduce stress. All vital for maintaining brain health and well-being.” Crafting has been linked to mindfulness meditation, and flow, given its ability to reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being. The life of a student can be busy and stressful, so it’s important to make time in your schedule for regular self-care. We’re hoping you’ll make the Wellness Series a part of your summer schedule to unwind, and relax. No experience needed! There’s something for everyone:  adult colouring books, mandalas, painting, scrapbooking, stamping, drawing, pastels, mixed media art, etc. You can find us in the Dunker Family Lounge (DFL) on Tuesdays from 11:30-1:30
art materials laid out on a desk

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