Professor Kristina Llewellyn recognized as leader in education

LlewellynProfessor Kristina Llewellyn has been named one of "Education's 100" at the University of British Columbia. Professor Llewellyn, who earned her Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies from UBC in 2006, was chosen for her work in the study of gender equality, oral history, and the history of education. You can read UBC's writeup about Llewellyn and the other award winners on their website.

Llewellyn's book

Professor Llewellyn also has a book chapter that has just been published. A Restorative Approach to Learning: Relational Theory as Feminist Pedagogy in Universities, written by Kristina Llewellyn and Jennifer Llewellyn, willappear in Feminist Pedagogy in Higher Education: Critical Theory and Practice, edited by Tracy Penny Light, Jane Nicholas, and Renée Bondy.

Professor Yan Li's book launches in China 

Li's bookProfessor Yan Li’s new book, The Last Love Letter from Dr. Norman Bethune, is going to be launched on September 9, 2015 in Beijing, China by The Commercial Press. This 250 page book is a collection of essays by Yan Li in recent years including, “ Why Birds Sing—Letters to a French Canadian Writer”,  “Professor Bryant in China”, and “The Oracle Bones and the Canadian Missionary Families”. 

Sakura launches its fifth year

Sakura students post
Sakura Japanese Language School started its fifth year of classes this past Saturday, September 12. Nearly 40 students have enrolled, and they were excited to start studying with old and new friends. This year, classes are being held in the new building, and parents seemed to appreciate the bright and clean study environment. 

What's your #Freshman15?

Micah HesmanLast fall, second-year Recreation and Sports Business student Micah Hesman started a fitness program that challenged students to make 15 positive changes in their lives, whether it was to lose 15 lbs, gain 15 lbs, or even become 15% stronger or faster. With the help of the Warrior Academic Leadership Community (varsity athletes who are committed to developing their leadership skills), Hesman designed an eight-month fitness plan for students living at Renison last year. Nearly a quarter of all Renison residents participated in his program.

This year, the #Freshman15 campaign has grown beyond fitness, and the entire College has be challenged to find 15 ways to improve their lives. "The notion of taking such a well known, negative concept, and spinning it 180 degrees into something positive could be just the beginning," says Jeff Newell, Director of Student Engagement and Housing at Renison. "By applying this positive concept to not only fitness, but expanding into wellness, kindness, philanthropy, community building, etc., this can potentially change so many aspects of the campus environment. People need to think, “what is my ‘Freshman 15’?” It is powerful. Imagine if students all set ‘Freshman 15’ goals at the beginning of the year - 15 compliments, 15 random acts of kindness, donate $15 to charity, eat 15 healthy meals, 15 hours of studying, 15 green initiatives - the possibilities are endless, and it’s so exciting,” says Newell. (Read the full story)

English as a Second Language gets a new name

This September, English as a Second Language (ESL) courses will be renamed English for Multilingual Speakers (EMLS). “We changed the rubric from ESL to EMLS to better recognize the students' multilingual identities,” says Julia Williams, Director of English Language Studies at Renison. “Being multilingual is an important skill in a world where people live and work across linguistic boundaries. We want to emphasize the positive quality of being multilingual. Also, for many students, English is not their second language - it's their third or fourth or even fifth language. The new rubric recognizes the extent and diversity of the students' linguistic backgrounds.” (Read the full story)

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