Renison Program Brochure Covers

A focus in social sciences and social work provides opportunities for Renison students to make an impact in their local communities, and our diverse selection of language, culture, and humanities classes helps prepare them to become citizens of a global community.

As a Renison student, you'll have all the benefits of graduating with a University of Waterloo degree combined with the advantages of learning in a smaller, more intimate environment.

Degree Programs

You can apply directly to Social Development Studies, Honours Arts/Honours Arts and Business, Bachelor of Social Work, and Master of Social Work, while our other programs can be woven into your undergraduate academic plan to enhance your degree and make you stand out.

Enhance your degree

Renison offers classes for undergraduate students who choose to minor in Applied Language Studies, East Asian Studies, or Studies in Islam. We also have courses that count towards a major or minor in Religious Studies. This means that you'll focus a portion of your workload on one of these areas, giving you a level of specialized knowledge that will help shape your career skill set.

Languages make you stand out

Take the time to master another language, whether it's Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, or fine-tune your English skills as a non-native speaker. In a global community that continues to get smaller, communication across many cultures is becoming increasingly important. Adding a language component to your degree will not only help you connect, but will also make you stand out.

Non-credit learning opportunities

Renison offers a variety of non-credit programs for those looking to take professionally taught, academic courses in a university setting without the requirement of being enrolled at the university. Please see our Community and Professional Education (CAPE) page for more details on courses available right now.