Yan Li teaching

Did you know, Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world? At Renison, our courses include topics such as Chinese history, literature, religion, political and economical systems, and culture. Our small classes can help anyone build a solid language base in mandarin. 

Please note: Students enroling in a CHINA course for the first time requires the completion of a Chinese Placement Form. The Chinese Placement Form must be completed before the first day of class for the term you are enroled.

What are my academic plan options?

There are two different academic plans open to students enrolled in CHINA courses:

Students can complete a Chinese Language diploma. We offer two language diplomas Chinese Language I and Chinese Language II. Diplomas I and II are mutually exclusive. Only one diploma can be granted.

To graduate with a Chinese Diploma, students must declare the diploma on their Application to Graduate form.

CHINA course offering and descriptions