Welcome to Culture and Language Studies

Through courses and programs in Applied Language Studies, East Asian Studies, Studies in Islamic and Arab Cultures, the humanities (English Language and Literature, Fine Arts, and Religious Studies), and languages (American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, English Language Studies, Korean, Japanese, and Mohawk (Kanien’kéha)). Culture and Language Studies contributes vibrantly to Renison’s vision for “Global Engagement through Languages and Cultures.”


Dr. Young Gon Kim was presented the Renison Faculty Teaching Award for 2022-2023 at the Culture and Language Studies (CLS) Department meeting on September 20, 2023.  

Together with his colleagues in the Korean Language and Culture Studies division, we extend our congratulations to Dr. Kim for his outstanding work in the field of teaching Korean as a foreign and additional language.

The Renison Board of Governors invites nominations for vacancies among the elected members of the Board effective January 1, 2024 for a three year term. To be eligible for nomination, the nominee must be at least 18 years of age and be committed to acting in the best interests of Renison as a whole community. This opportunity is open to members of the community (non-employees).

During this event, Chizuru Nobe-Ghelani will discuss a renewed interest in nature as a site to foster physical and mental health well-being. Participants will have a glimpse of virtual forest therapy/shinrin-yoku walk, as a way to deepen their relationships with the natural environment.