EMLS Certificate & Diploma


Highlight your English Communication Skills

Strong communication skills are essential for academic and professional success. If you are an undergraduate or graduate student whose first language is not English, demonstrate your commitment to mastering English communication skills by earning an English for Multilingual Speakers (EMLS) Certificate (for undergraduate and graduate students) or Diploma (available to undergraduate students only).

You can be proud of your efforts to improve your English academic and workplace communication skills. EMLS Certificates can be shown to prospective employers (or other organizations) to show a continuous focus on English language improvement throughout your program.

NOTE: English for Multilingual Speakers (EMLS) credit courses are for registered University of Waterloo students for whom English is an additional language and who want to improve their English language skills. These courses are offered every term.

EMLS Certificates & Diploma

Undergraduate EMLS Certificate

To earn the Undergraduate EMLS Certificate, complete any three undergraduate EMLS courses (which may include the EMLS sections of ARTS 130 and ARTS 140) for a total of 1.5 credits with a cumulative average of 65%.

Request the EMLS Certificate by completing the Undergraduate EMLS Certificate Request Form.

The certificate will be emailed to you. Please note this certificate is not shown on your UWaterloo transcript. 

Undergraduate EMLS Diploma

To receive formal recognition of your commitment to continuous English language improvement on your UWaterloo transcript, complete any four undergraduate EMLS courses (which may include the EMLS sections of ARTS 130 and ARTS 140)* for a total of 2.0 credits with a cumulative average of 65%.

To receive the EMLS Diploma, you must complete the course requirements prior to graduation. On your Application to Graduate form, request the EMLS Diploma. The Diploma is issued at convocation and will appear on your transcript.

*Students who have completed EMLS sections of ARTS 130 and/or ARTS 140 as one or two of the four courses for the Diploma will need to submit a Petition for Exception to Academic Regulation form to have the courses included as part of the Diploma requirements. Please email cls@uwaterloo.ca for more information.

Graduate EMLS Certificate