How Can I Learn American Sign Language?

sign language

Historians believe early humans used signs to communicate long before spoken language was created. You may have also communicated this way in various situations—waving hello, pointing to an item on a menu, or hailing a cab, are all examples of sign language in its most elemental form.

American Sign Language (ASL) has evolved to be more complex— the language uses eyes, hands, face, and the body to communicate. Learning ASL helps you to develop an awareness and sensitivity to the Deaf community. In addition to being bilingual, ASL offers the benefits of bimodality.

We offer two ASL courses:

ASL 101R: This course is designed for students with no previous knowledge of ASL. You will learn the basics of everyday communication. Topics include use of basic daily communication, exchanging information, fingerspelling, cardinal numbers, and giving simple directions.

ASL 102R: This course is designed to further students’ abilities in refining the skills learned in ASL 101R. Topics include basic storytelling and descriptions, asking questions, sentence structure, and agreement verbs.