COVID-19 Updates

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At Renison University College, faculty and students are helping to change the world! Supporters like you - alumni, friends, parents - help to ensure that Renison continues its strong presence as a place of education and social change within our community, nationally, and internationally. Your generous support makes a lasting impact on today's students and the wider world.

Renison has several projects currently under way. Follow the links below to find out more:

Over 95% of all donations to Renison are designated to specific projects and do not enter into a general fund, unless specified for that purpose. 100% of your donation supports your chosen priority. 

Your donation helps Renison continue to be a place that educates and equips our graduates to better the world around them.

Student Urgent Need Bursary

Now being used primarily to support students with financial need as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Fiver students standing against an exterior wall, smiling.

This bursary gives temporary financial support to Renison students in times of urgent financial need. The fund is open to Renison students including Bridge to Academic Success in English (BASE) students, English for Academic Success (EFAS) students, students majoring in Renison programs (e.g Social Development Studies, Social Work), students registered at Renison (e.g. Renison-registered Arts students), Renison registered students who are studying part-time, Renison registered students who are studying online, and students living full-time in Renison residences.

If you have questions about this fund, please contact Cort Egan, Director of External Relations and Communications.

Renison Annual Fund Fund

Renison University College was founded under the motto, One Sky Over All. This phrase has evolved over the years to encompass all that we do. Renison believes deeply in contributing to a world in which social justice, diversity and equity are not aspirations, but realities. Our programs reflect this view. We believe that barriers exist where ignorance and misunderstanding prevails. We aim to collapse those barriers through programs that improve our understanding of diverse languages and cultures, social and economic environments, and questions related to gender, spirituality and a shared sense of belonging. Your support of Renison’s Annual Fund allows us to continue this mission.

The 60 x 60 Fund

60x60 fund. Just $60 per month for 60 months.

To mark Renison's 60th Anniversary, we introduced a new pledge or donation opportunity. 

$60 per month for 60 months supports Renison students:

  • Student research fund : supports a stipend to assist students who are conducting primary research under the supervision of Renison faculty.
  • Non-profit co-op placement: supports the co-op placement of a Social Development Studies (SDS) Co-op student working in the non-profit sector.
  • Renison student priority fund: supports the greatest current needs of our students – such as tuition for single parents returning to school, traditionally marginalized groups, refugee students and other pressing needs.

If you have questions about this fund, please contact Cort Egan, Director of External Relations and Communications. 

The Maple Leaf Fund

The newly created Maple Leaf Fund supports refugees in learning English as a second language so they can qualify to re-enter into their previous studies and/or career path which was lost to them while fleeing their home country.