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At Renison University College, faculty and students are helping to change the world around them while also preparing the next generation of change makers. Supporters like you - alumni, friends, parents - help to ensure that Renison continues its strong presence as a place of education and social change within our community, nationally, and internationally. Through your generous support of your chosen passion at Renison, you are making a definite and lasting impact on today's students and the wider world.

Renison has several projects currently under way. Follow the links below to find out more:

Over 95% of all donations to Renison are designated to specific projects and do not enter into a general fund, unless specified for that purpose. 100% of your donation supports your chosen priority. If you are interested in naming a specific fund, please see our named giving opportunities page for information on setting up a named scholarship, award, or bursary.

Your donation today helps Renison continue to be a place that educates and equips our graduates to better the world around them.

Thank you.

Live Here - Crown Wards Residence Fund

The Crown Ward Residence Fund offers fully-funded residence opportunities for Crown Ward students. Last year with your support, we were able to offer three residence places to Crown Wards.

Learn Here - Refugee English Language Bursary

The Refugee English Language Training Bursary will support refugees in learning English as a second language so they can qualify to re-enter into their previous studies and/or career path which was lost to them while fleeing their home country.