Approaching the finish line

Nearly complete. Not far to go.

You're so close. Can you feel it? You must be excited!

Whether you're nearing the completion of your degree at Renison or are almost done the prerequisites for the Bachelor of Social Work program (if you were admitted as a post-degree student), there are some resources that might be useful to you at this stage.

You're likely an expert at what you need to know by now but take a look below and see if there is anything that you haven't thought of already.

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Academic support and graduation

What you need to know about your degree and how to finish it.

Graduation Requirements

By now you've learned about degree requirements and all the ins and outs of what you need to complete your degree. These degree requirements are the same as what you need to graduate. It never hurts to double check that you have everything you need.

Touch base with your Academic Advisor before the beginning of your final year to ensure there is nothing left outstanding.

Academic Advising at Renison

Academic Calendar

Prepare for Graduation

Apply to Graduate

In addition to a number of items mentioned in the section above, it is very important to know that you must apply to graduate if you want to be done your studies at Renison or uWaterloo and walk away with your degree. If you do not apply, we will not know that you are planning on ending your studies (yes, some people stay on to complete other courses or credentials).

There are deadlines related to this application for which there is little flexibility. So, if you miss one, you'll need to wait for the next opportunity.

Apply to graduate on Quest

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What's next? Finance and future studies

You're so close to being done. But what will happen when you are done?

Repaying Your Student Loans

Whether you received OSAP or another government student loan or a loan from a bank, it would be beneficial to know in advance what will be required of you so you can effectively plan.

If you have not already done, reach out to your loan provided and learn about the steps you will need to take after graduation.

OSAP Repayment

Consider getting a Bachelor of Social Work

Any student with a Bachelor of Arts degree can apply to obtain a Bachelor of Social Work degree from the School of Social Work at Renison. There are separate admission requirements and prerequisite courses that are required, however, even if you have not completed the prerequisites, you can still apply.

Exceptions are also sometimes made for individuals who do not have a Bachelor of Arts degree. You may be required to take some courses in addition any outstanding prerequisites, but the opportunity is still available to you.

Bachelor of Social Work

Set your eye on a Master of Social Work

Once you have complete a Bachelor of Social Work and gained some work experience in a social work related field or setting, you may want to consider getting a Master of Social Work.

Individuals interested in this program do not need to have completed a Bachelor of Social Work at Renison, but rather could have completed their BSW anywhere.

Master of Social Work

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You're so close to becoming an alumnus!

Did you know there are benefits to having attended Renison and uWaterloo even after you graduate? Besides your degree we mean.

Benefits of Being an Alumnus (Alumni Rewards)

Many students are not aware that once they are an alumnus a number of rewards and benefits are available to them. These range from supportive communities to financial discounts.

Having graduated while registered at Renison, you are an alumnus of both Renison and uWaterloo!

Renison Alumni and friends

uWaterloo Alumni

Searching for a full-time job

Being part of the uWaterloo community gives you access to a Career Services department that is ready and willing to help you find the full-time job you've been looking for. They provide career planning and decision-making tools to one-on-one support as well as continued learning opportunities.

Career Services

Career Development