Library rules and services

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Food/drink/cell phone policy

Food and drink:

Permitted - beverages with lids, non-staining snacks, cell phones on vibrate. Forbidden - beverages without lids, meals (soups, salads, hot meals), cell phones with sound on.
  • beverages, in containers with lids, are allowed
  • snacks that are non-staining may be eaten in the Library, but NOT at computer workstations
  • meals (soups, sandwiches, salads, fast food, etc.) are not permitted

Cell phones:

  • set to vibrateuse only in the hallway outside the Library

Book pick-up, return, and deliv​ery

All books but Reserves taken out of the Renison Lusi Wong Library can be returned to any university libraries or their designated book deposits. The Renison Library can be also be designated as the pickup location for books requested by means of a hold or through Interlibrary Loan Service. You may also pick up ordered library materials ordered through the Omni catalogue.

Reference servi​ce

Study spaces and group study rooms

Two group study rooms are available for booking during Library hours. Bookings must be a group of two or more, and can be created by students, faculty and staff. A booking can be requested through the Library outlook booking system where rooms availability can be accessed through the calendar, phone (519-884-4404 ext. 28646) or in person at the Renison Circulation Desk.

The maximum period of a booking per group is three hours a day. If a booking is no longer needed notification of cancelation is appreciated, while failure to show up within the first 15 minutes of a booking causes the release of the booking. The Library reserves the right to revoke the booking or ask occupants to vacate a room if the activity is deemed a disruption to the Library. The Library is not responsible for the security of personal items. Any items found in rooms after the end of the reservation period will be placed in the Library's lost and found.

There are also many silent study areas available and charging stations are available on private desks.

study room a
study room b
study space

Accessibility Work Station

There is one computer station that has been set up for students with Accessibility needs. Talk with the librarian at the circulation desk for the username and password to log onto the station.

Exams at the Library

Faculty are encouraged to contact the library as early as possible before the exam day as space is limited. It is up to the faculty member/staff administering the exam to provide monitoring, time keeping, or any other form of policing, to ensure that the exam writer adheres to exam behaviour expectations since the library staff’s only involvement is providing a space. Please contact Tammy Kavanaugh with any questions.



You may use either one of the library computers or your own personal computer or phone. Make sure you have money on your WatIam account.

  1. Make sure your document is saved to the computer.
  2. Go to W Print and login with your Waterloo username and password.
  3. Go to “Web Print” and click “Submit a Job”.
  4. Choose a virtual printer that best suits your printing needs (eg. mediaprint2/rs-public-colour-vx-s-s (virtual)):

    B&W Duplex - Public Xerox Printers                           mediaprint2\rs-public-BW-vx (virtual)                    

    B&W Single Side - Public Xerox Printers                    mediaprint2\rs-public-BW-vx-s-s (virtual)             

    Colour Duplex - Public Xerox Printers                        mediaprint2\rs-public-Colour-vx (virtual)              

    Colour Single Side - Public Xerox Printers                 mediaprint2\rs-public-Colour-vx-s-s (virtual)       

  5. Select # of copies you’d wish to print.

  6. Select and upload document.

  7. Click “select & complete.” Your job is now ready to be released at any W Print Kiosk on campus, simply tap your Watcard at the device or login with your username and password.





The Lusi Wong Library at Renison University College is part of 16 Ontario university libraries via the new easy-to-use academic search tool Omni. This search tool provides a full range of library materials to its members. Renison's own collection is specialized to supports the College’s Social Work, Social Development Studies, East Asian Studies, Religious Studies, Applied Language Studies, Studies in Islam, and English as a Second Language programs.

General purpose and objectives

The Library collects materials in the College’s areas of specialization to support undergraduate and graduate teaching, study, and research, as well as to facilitate the ongoing learning/research of both faculty and students.  Standard general reference tools are also made available.    

Selection responsibility

The decision to select library materials is the responsibility of the Librarian, who may consult with faculty members with particular expertise.  Recommendations and requests from faculty members are encouraged. 


English language materials are preferred for the general collection.  Materials in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean may be procured for East Asian Studies; materials in Arabic may be procured for Studies in Islam.

Geographic areas

Materials from any part of the world, with a preference for Canadian materials, may be collected to support teaching and research programs, subject to the language limitations. 

Chronological periods

Material with a recent imprint date is preferred; however, important or representative retrospective material is also collected.

Types and formats of material collected

Books, periodicals, newspapers, reference works, and government documents are collected in either print or electronic format, according to availability, cost, and anticipated use.  Textbooks are purchased when content is of lasting importance in its subject area or when required for Reserve readings.  Duplicate copies are acquired only in areas where heavy use makes multiple copies advisable and where the budget allows.  In general, the Library does not acquire materials in a format for which access cannot be provided in the Library.

Access and related resources

Many external resources can be identified through the Library’s catalogue.  A broad spectrum of additional information and collection resources is available through cooperative arrangements and accessible via library servers, the Internet, document delivery, and interlibrary loan.


Donations of books and other materials are accepted with the understanding that ownership transfers to the Library.  The Library reserves the right to decide the retention, location, cataloguing, use, and disposition of gifts.  (See Donation Policy for details)

Special collections

The Library’s non-circulating archival collection includes historical materials concerning Renison College and its founders.  Among these materials are three special collections: the Bishop Renison Collection, the Denton Massey Collection, and the Florence Li Tim-Oi Collection. Along with the previously mentioned collections, there is also the East Asian Special Collection (EASC) which consists of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language materials covering a wide range of subject areas. 

Care and maintenance

In an effort to retain materials in a format appropriate to their continued use, basic repairs are undertaken when possible.  When repair is impractical, the librarian will review items to determine whether they should be rebound, replaced, reformatted, or withdrawn.  Lost or damaged materials are evaluated for replacement according to their prior use, subject content, current and anticipated demand, cost, and availability for purchase, as well as all other selection criteria.

Appendix of existing substantive areas (according to principal classes of Library of Congress classification)           


Subjects Covered

BF  Psychology
BL Religions
BP Islam
BQ Buddhism
BR Christianity
BT - BV Doctrinal theology.  Practical theology
BX  Christian Denominations, especially Church of England, Anglican Church of Canada
DS History of Asia
E History of North America, including aboriginal peoples
FC History of Canada
HC - HD Economic history and conditions
HM Sociology (General)
HN Social history and conditions.  Social problems.  Social reform
HQ The family.  Marriage.  Women’s studies
HV Social work.  Social and public welfare
LB Theory and practice of education
PE English language
PL Languages and literatures of Eastern Asia
PN   Literature (General)
PR - PS English literature.  American literature.
RA  Public aspects of medicine

Internal medicine, including neuroscience, related therapeutics and counseling 


The Library is pleased to accept donations with some conditions:

1.  As a result of space constraints, only donations in the following categories can be accepted: Social Work, Social Development Studies, English, Studies in Islam, Anglicanism, East Asian Studies, East Asian Christian and Christian missionary works, works written by faculty, staff and college fellows, archival materials (photos, letters, articles) concerning Renison University College or its founders. Donations in all categories are at the discretion of the Librarian.

2.  A donation may not be accepted if the Librarian determines that it will not enhance the collection (i.e. the book may be out of date, the Library may already have a copy, or the book may not be appropriate to the collection emphasis).

3.  On occasion, the Library supports student book sales to raise funds. Donations of materials not appropriate for the Library will be accepted at that time. Books not sold at the Renison book sale are sent to the WUSA Used Bookstore.

4.  Income tax receipts are not generally given for book donations. In the exceptional case of the donation of a special collection, the librarian will consult with the Library Committee and the Office of Advancement. A tax receipt will be issued only after an official appraisal.