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Fees, scholarships and financial aid

Tuition and Fees

You'll pay your tuition and fees one term at a time.

Visit the first-year tuition page for new undergraduate students, or check out the complete tuition fee schedules for more information about undergraduate and graduate fees, and to learn how tuition, incidental and co-op fees are charged. 

Social Development Studies, Honours Arts and Honours Arts and Business (our direct entry programs) fall under the Faculty of Arts, so they follow the undergraduate fee schedules for Arts.

The Bachelor of Social Work program also follows the Arts undergraduate tuition fee schedule.

The Master of Social Work program follows the graduate fee schedule for online professional graduate programs.

Residence fees

Visit the residence and housing section of our website to learn more about residence fees.

Paying for your education

Entrance scholarsh​ip chart

If you are beginning post-secondary studies for the first time when you apply to Renison, you will be automatically considered for an entrance scholarship. Some conditions apply (see below).

We'll use your admission average to determine which scholarship you receive.


Value of

Admission average

President’s scholarships: 90% and above

Renison President’s scholarship $2,000 90.0% or greater.

Renison President’s scholarship for Excellence


The top two students achieving 90.0% or greater will receive an additional $2000.

Entrance scholarships: 80.0 – 89.9%

Entrance scholarship








  • Students must be entering full-time studies at Renison University College.
  • Students must accept their offer to a Renison program by the confirmation deadline in early June of each year. 
  • Students must take a minimum of 4 Renison courses per year.

Continuing scholarships

Students who are eligible for a Renison Entrance Scholarship will be eligible for a Continuing Scholarship valued at $1000 per year in their second, third and fourth year if they meet the following conditions:

  • Students in Social Development Studies must take a minimum of 4 Renison courses per year.
  • Students in Honours Arts (e.g. Honours English) must take a minimum of 2 Renison courses per year.
  • Students must remain continuously enrolled in full-time studies at Renison University College.
  • They must achieve an overall average of 83.0% each term.

Other Renison Awards: Application Required

There are scholarships and awards available to Renison students. Please view the full listing of scholarships, awards, and bursaries available to Renison academic and residence students.

Other costs

Total costs per year will vary depending on the books required for your courses, supplies, transportation, entertainment and other activities outside the classroom.

The University of Waterloo Admissions site has additional information about financing your education.