About Social Development Studies

Education for social impact

Studying social change at Canada’s innovation university requires creativity and courage, not just theories and formulas. The flexible options in the Social Development Studies (SDS) program allow students to pursue their passion for changing the world.

Our students want to make a difference and solve the problems they see in the world around them. SDS combines psychology, sociology, social work and interdisciplinary SDS courses. Students gain an understanding of how to approach social issues from different angles. Knowledge and skills gained in small classes (capped at 60 students) and hands-on obtained experience will prepare you for a career in social work, counselling, education, public service, human resources, law, or in community or international service organizations.

Who can take Social Development Studies?

The SDS program takes in students directly from high school, as college transfer students, mature students, and students looking to study online or part time.

Students apply directly to SDS from each of those avenues through the University of Waterloo. 

Online Learning

Social Development Studies (SDS) has been providing alternatives to in class learning for over 20 years.  Our required courses and many elective courses are already offered regularly in online format, so it’s possible for SDS students to complete their degree exclusively online.  This makes for a smooth transition to remote learning, as we continue to offer a variety of established online course offerings to our degree seeking students.