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Renison University College's Office of Institutional Advancement connects alumni and alumnae of Renison with each other through events, fundraising and communications.

The Alumni Office organizes events for Renison University College alumni, including reunions and the Principal's Party.

These pages are dedicated to keeping our Renison alumni up-to-date on what's going on at Renison University College. Whether you want to reconnect with lost classmates, make an important life announcement, or just browse through the latest happenings at Renison, you'll find it all here.

Each year, dozens of alumni participate by volunteering their time to the Alumni Campaign. The office produces publications designed specifically for Renison's alumni such as Renison Reports and other communications vehicles. The Office of Institutional Advancement is located on the second floor of the Founders Building.

Fun facts

Who's part of the Renison University College Alumni?

  • Renison registered students who are graduates of:
    • Bachelor of Arts
    • Social Development Studies (SDS)
    • Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)
    • Master of Social Work (MSW)
  • Graduates that lived in Renison's residence for at least two terms over one academic year. (September-August)

Renison has more than 6000 alumni. This number grows by more than 200 each year.

Our versatile graduates enter an impressive array of careers, many venturing into the helping professions including social work, education, law, the ministry, counseling, police work, medicine, therapy, communications and international service work.

Alumnus? Alumna? Aluminium? What is the right word?

If you’re male, you’re an alumnus. If you’re female, you’re an alumna. 
However, if a group is made of men and women, you’re alumni. That’s why we see “alumni” most often; it can be gender neutral.

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