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I'm a friend of Renison (photo of one woman and two men)I'm a Renison alumnus (photo of three women graduates)

Friends of Renison

Photo of individuals around a silent auction table at a Renison event.

Renison University College is a community. Not just a community of students or residents, but a community of people from all walks of life.

We thank you, the Friends of Renison, for your continued engagement, dedication, and involvement with the College. Your support of Renison's students, programs, and role in the community allows us to continue to offer the high quality education that has come to be expected from Renison.

We are very excited about many of the upcoming developments at Renison. Please use this website to stay apprised of events, activities, and news from Renison University College.

We look forward to seeing you around the College!

Renison Builders Club with Builders Club badgeTown and Gown Society (with Renison Town and Gown Society seal)

Four Renison alumni standing in the Great Hall.

Renison University College's Alumni Office connects alumni of Renison with each other through events, fundraising, and communications.

The Alumni Office organizes events for Renison University College alumni, including reunions and Across the Creek all-college events.

These pages are dedicated to keeping our Renison alumni up-to-date on what's going on at Renison University College. Whether you want to reconnect with lost classmates, make an important life announcement, or just browse through the latest happenings at Renison, you'll find it all here.

The office produces publications designed specifically for Renison's alumni such as Renison Reports and other communications vehicles. The Alumni Office (part of the External Relations department) is located on the second floor of the Founders Building, across the hall from the President's Office.

Are you a Renison alumnus? B.A. grad (Renison Registered), Lived in residence, SDS grad, BSW grad, MSW grad

Renison has more than 6000 alumni. This number grows by more than 200 each year.Our versatile graduates enter an impressive array of careers, many venturing into the helping professions including social work, education, law, ministry, counseling, police work, medicine, therapy, communications and international service work.

Alumnus? Alumna? Aluminum? What is the right word?

If you’re male, you’re an alumnus. If you’re female, you’re an alumna. 
However, if a group is made of men and women, you’re alumni. That’s why we see “alumni” most often; it can be gender neutral.