Alumni WatCard

Alumni WatCards are available to all Waterloo graduates, and are required for Library borrowing privileges and Alumni Athletics (PAC/CIF) Memberships. Don’t need those two services? Feel free to get an Alumni WatCard to show you’re a proud member of the Waterloo Alumni community!

Library access

Library borrowing privileges

Using your WatIAM credentials, alumni have access to many electronic resources, on or off campus. For borrowing privileges, however, you need a WatCard registered with the Library. If you have questions about alumni Library access, please ask.

Waterloo gym

Athletic Memberships

Don’t want to give up using the PAC and/or CIF now that you’ve graduated? Athletics memberships are available for alumni! You’ll need a special photo Alumni WatCard, so visit the WatCard Office in person to get the correct WatCard for your Athletics membership. For faster service, complete this application form (PDF) in advance and take it with you.

Request an alumni watcard

Two important things to note:

  1. A reminder that if you need an Alumni WatCard for an Athletics (PAC/CIF) Membership, you must visit the Watcard Office in person to have your photo taken. Complete and take this application form (PDF) with you.
  2. If you are an undergrad or a graduate student, you will need to retain your student card as it carries more privileges, and you can only have one WatCard at a time.

Request an Alumni WatCard be mailed:

To request an Alumni WatCard be issued and mailed to you, use our convenient online request form.