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Hear from distinguished alumni and faculty on the topics that matter most. Tune in to panel recordings, video interviews and recordings of our alumni podcast.



Your Health
and Mental Wellness

Learn how to maintain a healthy body and mind through techniques meant to get you through isolation.


Debbie Fung (BES ’06) and Jason Lu (BSc ’05)

Stay Productive
and Unlock Creativity

While we may not be able to control the current state of affairs in the world, we can control our perception & use it as fuel to spark our creativity. This workshop will address the best practices and mindset shifts needed to remain productive amidst the uncertainty.


Danielle Ryan (BES ’14)

How Not
to Meditate

Learn how to practice a menu of mindfulness practices that are useful, simple yet powerful, especially in the midst of a global health pandemic and economic recession.


Kunal Gupta (BSE ’08)



Crisis, motivation, and coming out the other side

The year 2020 has been a trial for people across the globe. For many, this year’s crises have also inspired growth and motivation. In this virtual panel, the co-founders of Masks for Covid share how a global pandemic can influence motivation and spur innovation.


Jackie Lee (BSc '06)

Dr. Brian Li (BASc '09)

Alan Soong (BASc '08)

Pablo Eder (BSc '16) - Moderator

Health Innovation Series - Genetics

You’re invited to discover amazing innovations in the exciting fields of genetics, gene sequencing, epigenetics and aging. Learn how the University of Waterloo and its alumni improve our lives at the final event in our Health Innovations series.


Dr. Lili Liu (Dean, AHS)

Dr. Stephen Scherer (BSc ’87)

Dr. Paul Boutros (BSc ’04)

Dr. Diane Williams

Navigating Transition: A Key to Success

We all go through transitions. Some are pursued and celebrated, while others disrupt and devastate our lives. Whatever the nature of these changes, they always bring opportunity — if navigated effectively.


Michael Hanna (BMath ’01)

Dana Hanna



Creativity feat. Ajoa Mintah (BASc '01)

Uncharted Podcast Cover

Today, Ajoa takes us on her journey from engineer to entrepreneur. We’ll talk about the need to be creative, and how sometimes, doing the safe thing can actually help you build your dream career.

Listen to the full episode on SoundCloud


Ajoa Mintah (BASc '01)

Community feat. Laura Galbraith (BES '08)

Uncharted Podcast Cover

In my conversation with Laura, we’ll hear about the rewards of serving others, the projects that Laura’s leading in the Waterloo tech community, and the ways that companies are changing how they think about giving back.

Listen to the full episode on SoundCloud


Laura Galbraith (BES '08)

Resilience feat. Landon Jennings (BA ’17, MA ’19)

Uncharted Podcast Cover

What does meaningful work look like to you? Landon recalls the memories she had to repress and how she had to figure out how to cope with trauma and rebuild her life. It took time and resilience, but today, her experience motivates her to help others through her work as a fundraiser and community builder.

Listen to the full episode on SoundCloud


Landon Jennings (BA ’17, MA ’19)



Creative problem solving: Driving change in business and the world

In this interview, business leader and humanitarian Jim Estill (BASc ’80) shares how to identify and pursue opportunities, why it’s important to embrace failure, and how to adapt and thrive when times are tough.


Jim Estill (BASc ’80)

The global COVID-19 response and what happens next

In this interview we talk through the current state of the global response to COVID-19, but we will also talk about what happens next, both in the short-term and the long-term.


Dr. Rohit Ramchandani (BSc ’04)