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University of Waterloo alumni inspire you as you launch — or change — your career. Sharing personal stories about their professional lives, Waterloo graduates open up about struggles they’ve faced in their work, and the steps they’ve taken to carve out their path in the world. Discover their stories today, and embrace the unknown.


Ep. 4: Hustle feat. Marc Lafleur (BSc '14)

March 9, 2020

Marc Lafleur

There’s a word everyone uses when they talk about a great entrepreneur. The thing that helps them pull through the long days, the rejection and self-doubt. The thing that keeps them going when others might give up.

That word is “hustle,” and for Marc Lafleur, it’s a way of life.

Marc joins us in studio to share how he made the leap from hustling for a company to hustling for himself. He gives advice you can use to build your dream career, no matter what it is.

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Ep. 3: Resilience feat. Landon Jennings (BA ’17, MA ’19)

March 9, 2020


What does meaningful work look like to you? Do you remember the moment you found your sense of purpose?

Landon Jennings dedicated herself to a career serving others after she went through a really hard time in her life. One day in Grade 9, she heard her name called over the school’s PA system, with instructions to go to the principal’s office. When she arrived, she found her mom waiting for her, along with the police.

That day, Landon recalled memories she’d tried to repress. Her best friend had been abusing her for the last two years. More victims had been identified, and Landon’s best friend was going to be charged with aggravated assault.

From there, Landon had to figure out how to cope with the trauma and rebuild her life. It took time and resilience, but today, her experience motivates her to help others through her work as a fundraiser and community builder.

She works at St. Paul’s University College at Waterloo, and she’s with me today to talk about her journey.

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Ep. 2: Community feat. Laura Galbraith (BES '08)

March 9, 2020


Laura Galbraith has one of those jobs that tells you the world of work is changing. Laura is the Community Engagement Program Manager at Vidyard, a video platform for business that’s based in Kitchener, Ontario. She helps employees find ways to give back to their community through donations of time, talent and treasure. She doesn’t do this work over her lunch hour, or as a special project. This is her full-time job, and it’s a product of her company’s commitment to the region it calls home.

In my conversation with Laura, we’ll hear about the rewards of serving others, the projects that Laura’s leading in the Waterloo tech community, and the ways that companies are changing how they think about giving back.

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Ep. 1: Creativity feat. Ajoa Mintah (BASc '01)

March 9, 2020


Ajoa Mintah has always been a maker. The founder of Four All Ice Cream spends her days whipping up treats to evoke childhood memories and delight the most discerning foodies.

Today, Ajoa takes us on her journey from engineer to entrepreneur. We’ll talk about the need to be creative, and how sometimes, doing the safe thing can actually help you build your dream career.

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