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Office of Advancement


In the Office of Advancement, the people who work here — either directly or in a supporting role — connect with Waterloo’s alumni, friends and community partners to engage them in conversations about the University’s bold vision for the future.

Guided by the University's strategic plan, we are focused now on preparing for the launch of the largest fundraising campaign in our history. When we’re ready, we will mobilize an army of influencers and ambassadors from our community, across Canada and around the world. They will have one ambitious call to action: to raise the support necessary for Waterloo to take its next big step into the future.

Getting to that point will take hard work. Waterloo has more than 220,000 alumni and thousands of donors, and we want to connect with as many of you as possible. We want your insights and advice. And we want you to share this message with everyone you know: Believe in the future of Waterloo. Believe that the Nobel Prizes, the breakthrough research discoveries, the upstart startups, are just the beginning of our story — and that the best is yet to come. Believe that a 60-year-old institution with fiercely loyal alumni and incredibly generous donors is capable of taking on global challenges — not just those of today or next year, but 10 and even 20 years from now — to shape a better future for everyone. 

That’s what we’ll be busy doing. Will you join us?

Joanne Shoveller, Vice-President, Advancement