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Nenone Donaldson

Waterloo Warriors fight for a better world. Together, we tackle the biggest problems faced by humanity, drawing on research strength across a wide range of disciplines, deep connections with industry and an entrepreneurial ecosystem that produces the most successful business founders in Canada.

Thinking differently is part of our DNA – it’s how we became world leaders in co-operative education and a hothouse of technological and social innovation. We continue to harness that power to improve life worldwide. However, we can’t – and we don’t – reach audacious goals alone.

Each of the University’s extraordinary achievements – from advancing ethics in artificial intelligence to blazing trails in sustainable aeronautics – is possible because of partners who share our bold vision for the future. Proud alumni, industry collaborators, co-op employers, donors and volunteers are the catalysts who drive progress at Waterloo. They’re the champions who connect ideas with actions to increase wellbeing and prosperity.

The Office of Advancement builds bridges between the University and partners across the globe to support Waterloo researchers, alumni and students. Guided by the University’s strategic plan, we work together to ensure humanity will thrive in futures we cannot yet imagine.

As we prepare for our next big fundraising campaign, I invite you to think about the complex problems you want to solve, and how we can help you solve them. You might want to develop innovative strategies to address climate change, amplify Canada’s health tech sector or create scholarships to help talented students achieve their dreams. However you want to make an impact on society, my team will help you find opportunities to put your goals within reach.

During my 18 years of fundraising at the University of Waterloo, I have witnessed remarkable growth across our campuses. I’m excited to take the next step in our University’s journey, and to learn how you can play a role in Waterloo’s thrilling evolution. Whether you volunteer, build networks with future collaborators or provide financial support for a worthy initiative, I encourage you to give. The rewards of your generosity will multiply as Waterloo Warriors shatter the limits of their potential and create a better world for us all.

Nenone Donaldson 
Vice-President, Advancement

  1. Mar. 10, 2023Global Challenges Require Global Partners: A Trip to Asia
    Vivek Goel, President and Vice-Chancellor, meets with alumni in Singapore

    As the top research university in Canada and a world leader in co-operative education, the University of Waterloo is well known to North American industry and government leaders. Yet, Waterloo also has a robust global presence, notably in Asia, thanks to the strong connections we’ve built over the years through our co-op program and our international students and alumni in the region.

  2. Feb. 1, 2023Celebrating Black History Month – and recognizing the work we must do
    Black alumni from Waterloo

    Throughout Black History Month, the University of Waterloo celebrates the contributions and achievements of Black community members. We are proud to share their stories throughout the year and take time each February to recognize their impact on the University and around the world. 

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