Advancement Values

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The Office of Advancement supports the academic mission and leadership of the University by meaningfully engaging alumni, donors and other key stakeholders to build and deepen mutually beneficial relationships and loyalty over time.

Our values

In 2022, we gathered as one Advancement team and began the process of identifying, discussing and co-creating our unifying values  those values that define our workplace culture and who we truly are as people. The extensive consultation with all members of our University Advancement team included these questions to ensure that everyone had a voice and opportunity to share their thoughts and perspectives. We asked: 

  • To you, why are team and workplace values important?
  • How do values influence your role and your work?
  • Why are values important to us as One Advancement Team to support the mission of the University?
  • How would you express these values in your day-to-day activities and interactions?
  • How can we have continual conversations to reinforce and provide feedback to co-create the environment where everyone can thrive?

Five values of Integrity, Respect, Inclusion, People First and Teamwork emerged. The complementing 'we statements' were included as personal examples of how we live our values and encourage all Advancement colleagues to model these values in their own authentic way. 


AV1 - People
  • We are one Advancement team, working collaboratively to create a positive, supportive work environment for our shared purpose.
  • We share information, successes, resources and best practices with our colleagues across Advancement to create excellent outcomes for our stakeholders and each other.
  • We welcome new ideas and cross-functional conversations to deliver excellent service and stewardship to our alumni, donors and prospective donors.
  • We are accountable and we take responsibility for our actions and outcomes.
  • We are agile and flexible in how we work with one another, creating opportunities for everyone to be at the table and part of the conversation.


  • We place professionalism and excellence at the core of everything we do.
  • We do the right things for the right reasons.
  • We are curious, courageous and creative in our pursuit of quality, and in our mutual support of one another.
  • We lead by example within Advancement and across the University.
  • We face difficult tasks and conversations in a collegial and supportive manner, to foster trust and transparency.


  • We assume good intentions.
  • We set clear expectations and provide clear feedback.
  • We value and encourage input and ideas from all team members.
  • We are empathetic with each other and with ourselves.
  • We follow through, and we respond to our colleagues in a timely and professional manner.

People First

  • We practice gratitude and are generous in recognizing and celebrating the efforts, successes and contributions of individuals and teams.
  • We seek and encourage work/life balance and harmony.
  • We respect and encourage personal health and wellness.
  • We invest in the ongoing growth and professional development of staff.
  • We value personal excellence, care and compassion for each other, kindness and a sense of fun.


  • We all belong.
  • We are intentional in our ongoing work to learn and embrace the principles and expectations of equity, diversity, accessibility, inclusion, Indigenization and anti-racism.
  • We value and actively seek out diversity – in people, thought, opinions, backgrounds and points of view.
  • We demonstrate a genuine appreciation of everyone’s perspectives, knowledge, skills and abilities, to foster excellence and build community.
  • We create an environment where everyone feels safe and valued, heard and respected.

Advancement’s mission is to inspire and engage people in philanthropy to advance the University of Waterloo in becoming one of the world’s top innovation universities.

Advancement is guided by the University of Waterloo's strategic plan, global futures framework, and Waterloo at 100 vision. We are aligned with the Vision, Mission and Values of the University:

Vision Mission Values
Connecting imagination with impact for a better world To advance learning and knowledge through teaching, research and scholarship, nationally and internationally, in an environment of free expression and inquiry (The University of Waterloo Act) Curiosity, courage, engagement, belonging