Values initiative

The Values initiative was launched in 2023 with the purpose of enhancing University of Waterloo values and driving positive culture change for students, faculty, and staff.  The ambition is to harness existing strengths of Waterloo’s culture, while promoting new and important values required for Waterloo to continue to thrive in the years to come.

Led by Organizational & Human Development (OHD) and University Relations (UR), this initiative will follow the following key stages:


Revise our Values to reflect Waterloo at 100 ambitions and PART report recommendations


Identify the Behaviours that are required to demonstrate the values in day-to-day life at Waterloo


Embed these values and behaviours into everything we do at Waterloo to drive positiveCulture Change

Two people talking to each other while sitting behind a laptop

“We need to find ways to co-ordinate, collaborate and co-create to build an empowered organizational culture with an emphasis on accountability, nimbleness and impact. This cultural shift will also mean instilling collaboration as a mindset and skill in our students and valuing collaborative connections with community and global partners.”

-Waterloo at 100

Vivek Goel headshot

“Now is the time to reinvent what makes us unconventional: to nurture the skills, expertise, and spirit within us to be known as the problem-solvers and leaders in 2057.”

- Vivek Goel