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Project plan

This project plan is a summary of actions conducted to date, and the planned activities for early 2024.

Note: we are currently focused on Stage 1 (revise our Values to reflect Waterloo at 100 ambitions and PART report recommendations).

Project Updates (updated April 2024)

  1. 2023
    1. Aug
      1. Assembled a Values Working Group and Values Advisory Group.  Both groups reflecting a cross-section of campus stakeholders (students, faculty, staff, and more).

    2. Sep
      1. Audit and analysis of Waterloo’s existing values plus environmental scan of “best practice” for values and culture change (with a focus on post-secondary education).

    3. Oct
      1. Workshop and feedback sessions with campus stakeholders.

    4. Nov
      1. November and December 2023

        Continued consultations across campus with a focus on Students, Alumni, Faculty.

  2. 2024
    1. Feb
      1. February 2024

        Conducted focus groups among students, staff & faculty, and conducted on-campus intercept interviews with students.

    2. Mar
      1. March 2024

        Continued to revise and enhance the draft Waterloo Values (based on feedback and consultation, to date).

Next steps

Spring 2024

We will continue to consult after which a draft of the Waterloo Values will be shared with our community. We will also outline the next phases for this initiative, including an implementation plan for embedding values into everything that we do at Waterloo.