University of Waterloo Strategic Plan 2013-2018

At the heart of the University of Waterloo’s new Strategic Plan is a single goal: to be recognized as one of the most innovative universities in the world.

It’s a bold declaration of intent. By definition, innovation applies invention to real situations. It’s about having a great idea, then making it happen. It’s what Waterloo does best.

But what does it mean, and more importantly, how do we get there?

Driving strategic action

Finalized in 2013, the University community has worked tirelessly to turn the Strategic Plan from a visionary document to a realistic action plan.

The Strategic Plan identifies eight themes (our areas of strength) for Waterloo — five that form our foundation and three that set us apart from other institutions:

Our distinguishing strengths:

Our foundational strengths:

Each of our six Faculties are also working to support and advance strategic action, particularly in the Transformational Research and Academic Programming themes. The Faculties annual updates demonstrate Waterloo’s united efforts to become the one of the world’s most innovative universities.

Measuring our success

The ambitious but achievable goals set out in the University of Waterloo Strategic Plan will only be realized if our progress is measured and monitored. The accountability framework that completes this plan is the responsibility of the Provost, supported by Institutional Analysis and Planning.

Learn more and stay informed!

It is not enough for members of the Waterloo community to simply watch for updates. Foundational strengths will require commitment, support and action by every University of Waterloo stakeholder.

We all have a role to play. How will you help turn Waterloo’s Strategic Plan into world-changing reality?

Learn more about each of our eight themes, including input into ongoing planning activities