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Choosing a university and program of study is exciting! We are here to connect with you and support you with all the questions that you may have.

Renison Community Overview: Academics and Residence  

Renison University College is one of the four university colleges at the University of Waterloo. We house Waterloo academic programming including Honours Arts and Honours Arts and Business and is home to the Social Development Studies program and the  School of Social Work. We offer residence options to 214 students from all six faculties at Waterloo who are keen to become a part of our unique and diverse community. Renison is something special. 

Curious about our academic programs and residence options? Contact us via with your questions and book a tour with us to come see Renison for yourself!


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Learn about the academic programs housed at Renison. Hear from faculty and staff in Social Development Studies and the School of Social Work.

RESIDENCE at Renison

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Learn about our traditional and link style residence rooms, our all-you-can-eat meal plan, and our vibrant student life.  

Connect with us 

We are eager to connect with you, answer your questions, and get to know you before you join our Renison community in the fall. 

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Entrance Scholarships and Financial Supports 

We understand that university is an investment, but it's an investment in you! That's why here at Renison, we have a variety of awards, scholarships, and busaries available to help you finance your education. 

Entrance Scholarsh​ips

If you are applying to post-secondary education for the first time when you apply to Renison, you will be automatically considered for an entrance scholarship. Some conditions apply (see below).

We'll use your admission average to determine which scholarship you receive.

Your Admission Average Scholarship Name Amount  

95% +

Renison President’s Scholarship of Distinction


Two highest achieving students receive an additional $2000 (President’s Scholarship for Excellence)

90 – 94.9 %

Renison President’s Scholarship


80 – 89.9%

Renison Merit Scholarship


* Minimum average and course conditions apply


  • Students must be entering full-time studies at Renison University College.
  • Students must accept their offer to a Renison program by the date on your offer.
  • Students must take a minimum of 4 Renison courses per year.

Additional Entrance Scholarships 

SDS Diversity and Equity Entrance Scholarship 

Two $3000 scholarships available for Fall 2024 (* Renewable at $1000 for subsequent years)

Deadline: May 3, 2024

Renison University College values diversity and equity in our student body, and has designed this scholarship to address historical and contemporary injustices that have created barriers to higher education for members of marginalized groups (with priority going to self-identified Indigenous students; Black students; students of colour; LGBTQ+, queer, trans*, and/or Two-Spirit students; and students with disabilities). 

Town and Gown Society Entrance Scholarship 

Two awards of $1000 available for Fall 2024

Deadline: May 3, 2024

These awards are offered by the Renison Town and Gown Society, a network of active and involved women from the local community, to encourage transfer students embarking upon their degrees in Social Development Studies

Exploring your personality: What does science say? 

Join Dr. Christine Logel for the virtual mock lecture series, 'Exploring your personality: What does science say?'. In this series Dr. Logel describes the Big Five personality domains.

Dr. Logel is an Associate Professor in Social Development Studies and teaches Introductory Psychology, a required course for first-year SDS students.

Follow Along

Remember to download and complete the Personality Assessment for Part 2: Extraversion of the mock lecture series.

DID YOU KNOW?! Our faculty have been delivering programming in alternate formats since 1985 - before you were born! Whether you are online or on-campus you can expect a robust academic learning experience and all the support you need to succeed in your studies 

Renison Residence: Why live at Renison? 

Renison University College welcomes residents from all six faculties at the University of Waterloo, housing over 200 students. First-year and transfer students benefit from the 100% Guarantee at Renison, with over 80% of our rooms reserved for new students! Our residence community includes amazing support, leadership opportunities, and an all-you-can-eat style meal plan - what more can you ask for?

Since we aren't able to meet you at Renison to check out our residence, we have brought our residence to you through our virtual tour! 

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PLUS as a resident, you'll be invited to a number of events throughout the year hosted by your Student Life Team! 

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Take part in our College Dinners - where staff, faculty, and residents enjoyed a themed meal together.

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Take part in floor challenges - like our building-wide scavenger hunt. 

Stay social. Stay connected.

Be sure to follow @renisoncollege to stay connected to our community and get a glimpse of life as a Renison student.

Want to learn more about Renison? 

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