Culture and Language Studies

Discover the world and become a global citizen. The Culture and Language Studies (CLS) department at Renison offers a variety of courses and program options to learn an additional language, develop an understanding of culture and/or religion, or pursue studies in applied lingustics. CLS is committed to providing student-centered multidisciplinary courses that strengthen language and analytical skills, develop critical lenses, and foster global awareness for personal and professional growth. This programming contributes vibrantly to Renison’s vision for “Global Engagement through Languages and Cultures.”

Explore our minors:

Adding a minor to your degree gives you the flexibility to specialize more than one academic discipline. Minors provide an opportunity to enrich your studies and explore other interest. Become globally connected with one of our minors.

Explore our languages:

Learning an additional languages prepares you to travel, live, or work abroad.  In a global community that continues to get smaller, communication across many cultures is becoming increasingly important. Adding a language component to your degree will not only help you connect, but will also make you stand out.

Questions about Culture and Language Studies?