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The ChaplainMegan Collings-Moore. You'll find a friendly face and a safe space to talk about anything and everything.  Megan enjoys talking about spiritual questions, but you don’t have to talk about religion . . . unless you want to.

The Renison Institute of Ministry, and the Institute's Director, Marilyn Malton. You can participate in retreats, workshops, and non-credit courses to nourish your mind, body, and soul. Join with others who travel from across south-western Ontario to be part of this exceptional learning community.

The Living Room is your space to sit, to talk, to re-charge.  The door is usually open seven days a week, and coffee and tea are always available for students, friends of Renison, visitors, faculty, and staff.

You may notice the symbol of a St. Brigid’s cross at the Ministry Centre and on our posters. Brigid is a Celtic saint, best known for her hospitality, who understood that the needs of the body and the needs of the spirit are intertwined. You'll experience this kind of welcome when you visit the Ministry Centre!

Visit the Ministry Centre, home of the Chaplain and the Renison Institute of Ministry.