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Co-op at Waterloo

Waterloo co-op student holding camera on Brooklyn Bridge in New York

Marissa spent a co-op work term in New York City adding international experience to her skills and outlook.

Gain paid work experience through co-op 

At Waterloo, you'll normally spend 4 months in school followed by 4 months in a paid co-op job relating to your program. We'll help you apply to jobs and support you during your work terms.

Explore careers and find your perfect fit

With 4 to 6 co-op terms, try out different careers to see what you like – before you even graduate!

Apply to jobs with our 6,900 employers

With more co-op employers than any other university, Waterloo gives you access to an unmatched range of jobs.

Earn $45,000 to $85,000 to pay for tuition

Make money to help pay for school and gain valuable experience at the same time!

Learn to excel in interviews

Refine your job search and interview skills so you're ready to hit the workforce as a pro.

Graduate with smaller debt

Waterloo co-op students have smaller student loans and are more successful at paying them back.

A network for your future

People you'll meet during co-op can help launch your career, providing references or tips about job opportunities.

79%of Waterloo co-op grads earn $50,000+ compared to 38% of Ontario graduates 2 years after graduation
96%of our co-op grads work in jobs related to their program compared to 79% of all Ontario graduates 6 months after graduation
91%employment rate for Waterloo co-op grads compared to 87% of graduates in Ontario 6 months after graduation

Where you'll work

You choose your experience by the types of jobs you apply to through Waterloo's interview process. You might work for a multinational company with thousands of employees or for a small firm with just a few people.

Most jobs are in the Toronto and Waterloo areas, but students work around the world. 

Learn more about the types of organizations that hire Waterloo co-op students or about the study-work schedule

Students in business suits walking by Waterloo's co-op building

Waterloo is home to Canada’s largest university building dedicated to co-op education and career services, with 180 staff ready to help you find a great summer job, co-op work term, or career.