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Offers of admission

At Waterloo, you'll receive an admissions decision for each program you apply to. The date you may receive an offer of admission depends on the program you've applied to, your grade average, and any special entrance requirements.

Most offers of admission are made between December and May as we receive updated grades from schools. The Faculty of Engineering makes admission decisions in March and May only.

We want to consider all students fairly, so we may wait for completed forms and/or updated grades before making an admission decision.

When are admission decisions made?

Accepting your offer(s) of admission

Instructions for accepting your offer of admission, bursary and/or scholarship, and residence are available on the next steps for admitted students website.

Alternate offers of admission

If you're not admitted to the program you applied to, you may be considered for admission to an alternate program if you meet the requirements and places are available.

If you applied to a co-op program, you'll automatically be considered for the regular version of the program, if one is available.

Accepting a different offer

If you've accepted an offer of admission and would like to accept a different one, you may do so without penalty up to June 3.

  • Visit the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) website for Ontario high school students or for all other applicants.
  • Click on "Review and Change Your Completed Application" and follow the instructions to accept a different offer.
    • If the expiry date has passed, you may still be able to accept Waterloo's offer of admission. If clicking on "accept" does not work, you'll need to contact us at or 519-888-4567, ext. 33106, to see whether spaces in your program are available.

Deferring your admission

If you wish to take time before university to work, travel, or return to high school, you can request to defer your offer of admission for up to a year. Many programs consider a deferral for the fall term only.