Offers of admission are made between January and May as we receive updated grades from high schools.

The date you may receive an offer of admission depends on the program you've applied to, your grade average, and any special admission requirements. We want to consider all students fairly, so we may wait for updated grades from schools (especially in May). This so that we have a better before making many of our admission decisions. The faculties of Engineering and Mathematics make admission decisions in March and May only.

You'll receive an admissions decision for each Waterloo program you apply to.

When will you know if you've been admitted?

Most offers of admission are made in May, once we receive second semester mid-term grades from Ontario schools.

Ontario high school students (if you used the 101 application)

All offers of admission will be made by mid-May and you will have until June 1, 2020 to accept. If you know that Waterloo is the university you wish to attend, we encourage you to accept your Offer of Admission and residence as soon as you receive it.

Other universities may ask for a response before June 1. If you've accepted an offer prior to June 1 – either from Waterloo or from another university – and you wish to change your mind, you may do so through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) website without penalty up to June 1.

No Ontario university may require a financial commitment from you before June 1.

All other students (if you used the 105 application)

Most of our offers of admission are made on a continuing basis as we receive updated transcripts and documents.

You'll have until June 1, 2020, to accept an Offer of Admission and residence (if applicable).


How will you know if you’ve been admitted?

There are three ways to learn if you’ve been admitted.

  1. We’ll email you the exciting news and let you know what your next steps are.
  2. Your Offer of Admission will be posted to your Waterloo Quest account (see how to check your application status). You’ll be able to download an official offer of admission in case you need that for a student visa application.
  3. Your Ontario Universities’ Application Centre account will list the admissions status for each program/university you applied to.

What is a conditional offer of admission?

Most offers of admission have conditions that need to be met by a certain date (usually over the summer). Conditions can include submitting final transcripts, achieving a specific grade in a required course, having a minimum final average, and sending English language requirements.

Conditions and deadlines will be listed on your Offer of Admission, available through Quest. If you fail to meet your admission conditions by the date on your Offer of Admission, your Offer could be revoked. If you’re concerned that you may not meet your conditions, email the admissions office.

Can you defer an offer of admission?

If you wish to take time before starting university to work, travel, or return to high school, you can request to defer your Offer of Admission for up to a year.

You may request a deferral for the following fall term only.


Can you accept a different offer of admission?

If you've accepted an offer of admission and would like to accept a different one, you may do so without penalty up to June 1. Log in to your account on the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) website.

Click on "Review and Change Your Completed Application" and follow the instructions to accept a different offer.

Letter of Acceptance for visa students

If you are a visa student and receive an offer of admission, a Letter of Acceptance will be included with your Offer of Admission and can be downloaded from your Quest account. You’ll be able to use the Letter of Acceptance as part of your student visa application.