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Regular system of study

The regular system of study follows the traditional school year, which means you'll be in school between September and April each year and have your summers off.

Most Waterloo programs are offered through co-op and what we call the regular system of study.

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Whether you're in regular or co-op, you'll take the same required courses and labs, learn from top professors, and develop valuable skills for your career.

Focus on your studies

You'll be in school for 8 consecutive months each year, so you can focus on your courses, social life, and living arrangements.

A quicker path to graduation

Finish your degree in 4 years, instead of 4 2/3 years in co-op. This means you can move more quickly into your career or further education.


Freedom to plan your summers

If you have a job that you return to each year or if you plan to travel or volunteer between May and August, the regular system may be for you.

Be involved

With 8 consecutive months of school, you'll be able to really get involved with clubs, sports teams, or activities in the local community.


Continuity between terms

In co-op, you'll be balancing co-op job interviews with your classes and moving between campus and your co-op jobs every 4 months. Regular provides 8 consecutive months of school.

Earn an EDGE for your career

Workshops and experiential education courses will help you identify and showcase your marketable skills as part of the new EDGE certificate program (available only to regular stream students).