Create your Quest account

Quest is Waterloo's online student information system. You'll use Quest to complete your Admission Information Form, view your admission status, and upload any documents we require as part of the admissions process.

1. Create your username and password

The first step is to create your username and password (you only need to do this once). You'll need your eight-digit Waterloo student number, e.g., 20223456. This was included in the email we sent upon receiving your application (the subject was "Thank you for applying to Waterloo").

Once you "identify" yourself and create your Waterloo username, you'll be able to log in to Quest.

What's the difference between your student number and username?

  • Your student number consists of eight digits, starting with a 2. You'll use it extensively once you're a student.
  • Your username is a combination of your initials and last name up to 8 characters, e.g., if your name is Alex Student, your user ID would be "astudent." You'll use this to log into Waterloo websites and for your Waterloo email address (

If you have questions, email (be sure to include your name and student number so that we can better help you).

2. Sign in to Quest

You should now be able to log in to Quest. When logging into Quest, you'll enter your username followed by "" Using the example of Alex Student from above, your Waterloo username would be "astudent" then you will need to enter when logging into Quest.

Quest login page with as the log in


Complete your AIF, upload documents, or view your admissions status

You can use Quest for several important steps in the admissions process.

  • Complete your Admission Information Form
    • In your Student Center, click on the Admissions link.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Admission Information Form link.
  • View your admissions status by clicking on the name of the program(s) you applied to.
  • Upload any required documents we need as part of the admissions process.

Technical difficulties or questions about your AIF?

Contact us at or 519-888-4567, ext. 43106. You can also review common questions about the AIF.

Next steps for applicants

If you have applied for admission, view what you should do next.


Other information in your Quest account

If you receive an offer of admission, you'll be able to use Quest to

  • view and download your Offer of Admission,
  • download a Letter of Acceptance (if you're an international student and need that for your student visa application),
  • view any scholarship and bursary information, and
  • eventually select courses, view your tuition fees, and more.