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Waterloo contests

Euclid Mathematics Contest (written in April)

While the Euclid Mathematics Contest is not required for admission to any program at Waterloo, you’re encouraged to participate if you’re applying to a program in the Faculty of Mathematics because it will help develop your problem-solving skills and prepare you for university studies.

The results of the Euclid are required in order for you to be considered for an Entrance Scholarship in the Faculty of Mathematics.

Canadian Computing Competition (February)

The Canadian Computing Competition provides students at Canadian high schools with an opportunity to test their ability in designing, understanding, and implementing algorithms.

While it is not an admission requirement, we encourage you to participate if you’re interested in programming and problem-solving, and especially if you’ve applied to Computer Science in the Faculty of Mathematics, or to Computing and Financial Management.

Sir Isaac Newton Physics Exam (May)

If you've applied to Mathematical Physics, Physics, or Physics and Astronomy, or Life Physics, you could be eligible for a scholarship valued at up to $5,000 by participating in the Sir Isaac Newton Physics Exam.

Any student in the world can participate in the Sir Isaac Newton Exam. Results will be used for scholarship purposes only and will not be used for admission decisions.

Chem13 News Exam (May)

If you've applied to Biochemistry, Chemistry, Materials and Nanosciences, or Medicinal Chemistry in the Faculty of Science, you should consider writing the Chem13 News Exam.

Students who score well on the exam are eligible for research awards of up to $1,000 that allow you to participate in research alongside dynamic professors and graduate students.

Any student in the world can participate in the Chem 13 News Exam. Results will be used only to determine awards and will not be used for admission decisions.

Note for Engineering and Software Engineering applicants

While the contests listed above are not requirements for admission or scholarship decisions, strong performance in mathematics-, science-, or engineering-related competitions will strengthen your application.